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empire wellness cbd crystals

Empire wellness cbd crystals

At present, Empire Wellness is having a sale; you can save $35 on 7 grams and $140 on 14 grams; the prices displayed above include the discount. Each gram contains 550mg of full spectrum hemp CBD. The Resin Wax is third-party tested, but we would like to see the lab results displayed on the website if possible.

Its CBD tinctures come in full spectrum CBD oil and 99% Crystal Isolate CBD oil forms. The former is less expensive at $35 for 500mg and $170 for 1500mg of cannabinoids; both come in a 10ml bottle. As is usually the case these days, the oil contains no pesticides and is non-GMO. It also includes coconut oil to ensure the CBD is rapidly processed through the body.

The company claims to have the highest quality control and testing standards, and we believe Empire Wellness when it says its oil contains no solvents, pesticides, and toxins. Why? Because the oil works extremely well and is effective with conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. For chronic pain, the Crystal Isolate might be a better option because it works faster and is more potent.

How to Consume Empire Wellness Resin Wax

Resin Wax is one of the company’s signature products. It is a full spectrum offering which means it contains terpenes, CBD, and the fatty acids from the whole hemp plant. According to Empire Wellness, Charlotte’s Web and ACDC hemp strains were used to grow the plants the CBD was extracted from.

Empire Wellness is a company that specializes in the sale of high-quality CBD which is extracted from naturally grown Colorado hemp. Unlike a lot of other sellers, Empire Wellness works closely with a variety of experts including farmers and technicians, to ensure its customers receive pure CBD and cannabis strain specific terpenes. All of its products are created using 99% CBD concentrate to guarantee consistency of quality.

Review of Empire Wellness CBD Oil

There are four different sizes, and the company also sells the product without terpenes; simply choose that option at checkout:

We don’t know if it is the world’s best crystal isolate, but we are certain that it is premium quality and Empire Wellness can justify charging up to $50 a gram. If you want something for anxiety or stress, choose one of the company’s oils. If you suffer from severe pain that has lasted a long time, invest in the isolate because you’ll notice something good happening after a while. Even arthritis sufferers who have been in agony for years claim that the isolate has massively alleviated their pain.

Empire wellness cbd crystals

You can dab the wax and isolates, sprinkle on top of bowls, put it in pens and vape it—any way you need to get it in your system. This makes it highly convenient for any individual. You could even eat it, if you’d like, as the product is activated and ready to go. Nobody is left out.

All flavor and smell aside, every product that I picked up from Empire Wellness aided in alleviating the joint pain in my hand. This is the best way that I know how to test all the CBD products that I try. I can usually bring on the arthritic behavior from a particularly activity. After, or immediately during the discomfort, I will try a product to see if it helps. I will score the therapeutic value by judging the amount of pain reduction and ease of movement in my hand after consuming. This gives me a general idea of how good a product is.

The CBD Live Resin Wax has a nice pliable texture that is easy to handle. A mentholated pure hemp CBD aroma and flavor captivate this extract’s essence. The wax is great for dabbing or loading in a vape pen. The wax melts clean and helps with my ailments for which I use CBD. The smell reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub; I couldn’t stop inhaling the mentholated fragrance.

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Let me break them down.

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Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.