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east coast cbd unity maine

East coast cbd unity maine

We offer a large inventory of cannabinoid rich products, great prices and super friendly, super knowledgeable, super compassionate staff. We also offer privacy parking/entrance with wheelchair accessibility. To purchase medical marijuana products you will need a medical marijuana card. We have a medical office with regular scheduled certification days. All our medical marijuana is grown using no pesticides or chemical fertilizer and has been Certified Clean Cannabis by MOFGA.

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First Timers

East coast cbd unity maine

This chart is a great resource for what cannabinoids might work best for your medical condition. Many times it can be a slow process figuring out which cannabinoid or even which strain is best. This could mean lots of trial and error. We have 8+ years experience and have gotten pretty good at using previous learned knowledge from other patients experiences………….which means better chances we will find your magical mixture in a faster time frame. At East Coast CBDs we will go the extra mile to create a cannabinoid product that works best for you. If that means we need to customize a specific formulation then that is exactly what we will do.

Full disclosure……much of the information in this pie chart is anecdotal evidence. Although we still see our federal government continue to schedule cannabis as a schedule 1 drug (no medicinal value) we folks in reality know better. The reason there are not many clinical studies to back the anecdotal evidence is directly due to our uncooperative Federal government and its refusal to accept cannabis as medicine or even allow studies to be conducted. If you want to voice your concerns about this continued problem please feel free to contact your federal representation by clicking here .

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a really important aspect to properly treat specific medical conditions. The entourage effect is essentially the synergistical outcome of what happens when you combine certain terpenes with certain cannabinoids. Each terpene has specific medical benefits and each cannabinoid also has specific medical benefits. When you combine terpenes and cannabinoids it can create entirely different outcomes. This combination and the outcome of those effects is what is called the “Entourage Effect”. This entourage effect is why some THC strains work great for sleep while others may do nothing to help. It works this way for everything including pain treatment, appetite, inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, neurological damage…….etc