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The first few years were a mix of fun and frustration, and certainly very different than any work I had previously done. In that early period, it became clear that a lack of detailed information about cannabis products, as well as having no clear way to measure dosages of any cannabinoid, made it difficult to make good recommendations to my patients. While many patients were able to use smokable cannabis or edibles to meet their needs, only around 20% of population are regular users. The other 80% of my patients didn’t like the feelings brought on by THC, often causing them to become agitated and paranoid.

By 1999, I was growing weary of internal medicine. It wasn’t the workload or the patients; it was ongoing prescription medicine-related issues that had me considering other options. Despite growing a very lucrative practice, I was ready to move on.

This brings us to present day: The number and complexity of formulas for cannabis medicine has greatly increased, allowing me to recommend the use of over 30 unique products. My patients are referred by other physicians and medical institutions. They are never interested in “getting high;” they want to get well. Generally many traditional therapies have failed them, and they come to me with very mixed emotions. They’re desperate for help, but are frequently a bit apprehensive regarding cannabis as a medicine, and yet much more fearful that it may not be effective. Once their condition is managed, their aversion to cannabis goes away. They are converts.

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Now, my practice of recommending medical cannabis therapies is no different than what I had done for years as an internist, with one big exception. I can now combine a medical visit with excellent follow-up, and an effective, fully customized, measured, organic, predictable, and sustainable medicine — with none of the side effects of the many other prescriptions I have written for my patients over decades. After 12 years of practicing cannabis medicine and seeing the progress we have made, I am in such a good place and looking forward to the years to come.

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