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dogs naturally market cbd oil

Dogs naturally market cbd oil

There’s a messenger system in your dog’s body called the endocannabinoid system. It helps regulate sleep, appetite, pain, the immune system and more. CBD impacts the activity of the messengers in this system and stimulates the nervous, digestive and immune systems, as well as the brain. And it can do this because the endocannabinoids in CBD are very similar to the ones found in your dog’s body.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD extracted with CO2 (I’ll talk about this in a moment) pulverizes the terpenes. This will make them hard to detect in testing and they won’t show up on the Certificate Of Analysis …

CO2 Extraction

What you might see is something like “500 mg CBD” on the product label. But don’t take the label at face value! Make sure the COA says the same amount as the label does.

Four Leaf Rover full spectrum hemp uses only CO2 extraction.

CBD and other cannabinoids work on your dog’s endocannabinoid system.

Four Leaf Rover’s CBD Oil is full spectrum organic hemp with a wide range of healthy cannabinoids. Grown and made in the US.

How Does CBD Work?

Dogs 25-50lbs: Use the 250mg bottle. Give 1 full dropper (1ml) daily. Each dropper contains 8.3mg naturally occurring CBD.

So how do you find the best CBD oil for your dog?

It’s estimated that about 5% of dogs suffer from seizures.

How Much CBD Oil Should I give?

If your dog has pain, your vet might prescribe NSAIDs or other pain meds like Gabapentin.

The problem with solvents, even if natural, is that they don’t extract as much CBD from the hemp plant. So CBD oils extracted with solvents will contain a lower concentration of CBD.

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