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does cbd help with nausea reddit

Does cbd help with nausea reddit

Suffered a Level 10 nausea attack last night after ingesting too much kratom & cheesy food. Sweating, diarrhea & the whole 9. I get these histamine-induced sick attacks occasionally and they're awful. Was sure I'd be puking within minutes.

Hit the CBD vape over & over. Better. Loaded up a bowl of hemp. Smoked it. Better still. I eventually ended up passing out sans vomit.

I'd been skeptical of CBD's ability to control nausea until this. Assumed it was the THC doing the heavy lifting. Definitely not the case. You might need more hits of the vape/pipe with the THC-free stuff, but it does work.

Does cbd help with nausea reddit

so i have diagnosed panic disorder and bad anxiety. i also have a fear of nausea which leads me to panic attacks. i take benzos (xanax and klonopin) as needed. but i want to try CBD to reduce the need for benzos as often and to help my general anxiety that doesn’t necessarily call for medication. what is the general experience with this? is it known to help with anxiety? nausea? headaches? THC, on the other hand, has always exacerbated my anxiety and panic. so im hoping CBD can still help me even though THC hasn’t, and can even do the opposite.

thanks so much for any responses!

I find vaping gives me instant relief. I keep a maintenance dose in me every 2-3x a day (morning, afternoon, before bed), and also use vape carts, candy, etc as well as needed. A good hard slab vape through a water bubbler gives me a kick in the pants and to start the day or help when things are tough. I just have to be careful as some of the terpene blends out there tend to aggravate it. But overall it helps better then nothing.