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does cbd help with headaches reddit

Does cbd help with headaches reddit

Flyte is now called keyy and most moms carry them. It's a liquid that heats up in the pen and you puff on it. Like a vape it doesn't have a smell.

My company aurora has a 587mg cbd vape oil cart.

Restocking for 2 months now. Stay far away and expect no refunds if the entire bottle of $80 in cbd oil does have no effect

I reccomend it even though a lot of people might not because there were rumours that it had some sort of chemicals in it. Personally I think that it's just as good as any other. Been using it for about two years now.

I had to take tolerance breaks and suffer migraines during to bring back the feels. 🙂

Would your sister consider going medical? r/CanadianCannabisLPs may have more recommendations

Pointless. Legal oils are limited.

My dad has headaches daily, and has used CBD oil for a little while now and he says that it does help.

My sis-in-law has suffered from at least 3 major migraines a week for over 40 years. I just thought I might check with this great group for info. Anybody have experience with using this for migraines with success? If so what dosages were used? TIA

Does cbd help with headaches reddit

I have severe intractable migraines. I have tried several methods of using CBD and MMJ.

Cbd helps for a few minutes for me. Sometimes it won't even help if the migraine attack is that bad.

Weed helps me prevent migraines if I smoke it when I have an aura (mine lasts a few days). Helps with pain when I have one too, although my pain is not as severe as many. CBD helps me sleep, not so much with pain but I haven’t tried many varieties.

CBD was best for me when vaped, but it only helped curb my anxiety in the moment. I also tried sublingual CBD, which somewhat helped my anxiety over all. The last thing I've tried is CBD lotion (to help with my severe muscle spasms due to migraines) but I never noticed any effects from that. CBD never helped with pain. The vaping was best because it helped my anxiety when I needed it most and was easier to carry around than a bottle of CBD oil.

I’ve also put in my application for Aimovig aid, but I imagine it’ll be a bit of a wait since it’s so new. I’ve tried nearly every medicine under the sun and even did Botox several years ago (I don’t recall it helping) so I feel like Botox (maybe, but I’m iffy), a nerve block (I don’t see it working long-term), and Aimovig are my last hopes.

So I’ve tried smoking weed to see if it helps my migraine when it’s bad (I use singular because I have 25+ migraine days a month and it generally feels like one continuous one) and it doesn’t do anything!! It’s really irritating for me because it literally seems like nearly nothing touches my pain. So I’m curious if many of you have had luck with weed helping you? Or CBD? I vape a pretty strong CBD oil and while it really helps my anxiety it doesn’t touch my pain.

I started using MJ for the first time a little over a year ago. I had never even seen it in person before then. Since I tried it, I've vaped, smoked, used it sublingually, and made edibles with it. Edibles is definitely preferable to me. The smell/taste of MJ makes be throw up. With edibles, pain and nausea relief lasts for hours with just a small amount of medicine. I make homemade gummies and swallow them whole so I don't have to taste it. I think MMJ is a good idea if you suffer from chronic migraines because you don't have to worry too much about a medication overuse migraine. It's also great for someone who has no relief from any other medicine. Unfortunately, I'm severely allergic to the entire class of triptan medications. I owe my life to MMJ. In 2017 I was seriously contemplating and began planning be my due to migraines. Mmj gave me a reason to live by providing some relief for the first time in two years. It's not for everyone, but it does bring help to some with migraines.