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does cbd help sunburn

Does cbd help sunburn

She says that aloe vera is the first thing everyone thinks of to soothe sunburn because it has a strong cooling effect and it keeps the water content in the skin so you don’t dehydrate. “That we know,” she says. “But it also may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So it’s not a prescription item but it is helpful.”

“More research needs to be done but it is promising,” says Joyce Fox, a dermatologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital in California and a professor of clinical dermatology at UCLA. “There have been [CBD products] that are recommended—not specifically necessarily for sunburn—but just as an anti-inflammatory.” Fox says that dermatologists are “more adventurous” doctors, open to trying even off-label things if it’ll help their patients, but she also says she doesn’t know of any studies that tout CBD as beneficial for sunburn.

When I ask, bright-eyed, if CBD is the next frontier for skin relief, she tells me she needs to see more research: “If cannabinoids can help—no matter which way, topically or orally—then of course we’re open to that.”


While CBD’s been known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, there is indeed very skimpy research on its benefits to human skin. Still, it made sense to me; if my skin is feeling tender, why not try something like this? Cindy Capobianco, the HBIC at Lord Jones, tells me that while the lotion isn’t marketed as a sunburn solution, people do use it as one because the CBD, along with mint extract and other emollients, have a cooling, soothing effect on sunburned skin.

A learning moment: Sunburn is actually the skin attempting to heal itself. “[It’s] a delayed reaction to ultraviolet or infrared, at an excess if you’ve been in the sun too long,” Fox tells me. “The mechanism of a sunburn is a release of inflammatory cells to kind of repair the skin. That’s why there’s increased sensitivity. There’s skin pressure and heat, swelling, and even blistering sometimes.”

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So here I am rummaging through my desk drawer of wellness-editor swag for something with aloe in it, since that’s the go-to, and of course I find weed lotion instead. Well, kind of; it was a CBD lotion that Lord Jones sent me to try. And since it looked harmless enough, I slathered a bit of it on and felt an immediate cooling effect. And then, because jumping to conclusions is my favorite, I wondered: Could CBD replace aloe vera for sunburns? Could this be a skin revolution? I wasn’t high—CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana—but probably too optimistic. I called a derm to find out.

My brown skin allows me the luxury of being less prone to sunburn, so I was surprised last week when I was squirming at my desk because my shoulders and upper back felt all hot and bothered (not in the good way). Turns out the sun had gotten me when I was sitting by the pool in New Orleans the weekend before, for not more than an hour, sans sunscreen. Oh shut up. We all forget sometimes.

    Sunburn: As the Earth’s ozone layer slowly depletes, harmful UV light can more readily reach your skin. Also, if you live in or visit a region that is positioned close to the equator you are at an even greater risk of burning your skin. A pink hue or a full-blown sunburn causes extreme discomfort. When the sun’s rays burn the skin, your body responds with inflammation which makes skin pressure painful. Studies have shown that CBD acts as a potent anti-inflammatory which actively suppresses the body’s inflammatory response to reduce pain and redness. Also Organics 1500 mg lotion is infused with organic CBD oil , organic lavender oil and vitamin C soothes the area of sunburn and promotes healing. You can apply the lotion to your face and body at the first signs of sunburn.

CBD topicals hold the promise of improving your skin after a sunburn. However, if you are in a great deal of discomfort then you might want to try a tincture or gummy to tackle the pain via ingestion instead of applying it on the area of pain. As mentioned, CBD acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and it can also help you cope with pain. Studies have shown ingestible CBD does ease certain discomfort.

Summertime has arrived which means more time spent outdoors. However, those memorable times put you at risk of sunburn and summer skin problems. No one wants to suffer from painful skin, but you do have options to help heal your abused skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) may bring much-needed relief.

Common summer skin problems include:

Many people consider CBD to be the next frontier in skincare as its benefits start to become more well-known. At Also Organics, all our topical CBD products meet the following criteria:

If you want to just enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts, then you will need to take a proactive stance to protect and soothe your skin. Lotions are ideal, but ones that hold CBD appear to offer added relief.

What Makes Also Organics So Special?

If you want to purchase CBD to try orally or topically then please contact Also Organics to learn more about our tinctures, balms, salves, lotions to gummies to determine which one might be the best CBD tincture for sunburn and summer skin problems.

Does cbd help sunburn

Have you tried cannabis topicals for sunburn? Let us know in the comments below!

If a lukewarm bath is your preferred post-sunburn go-to, add some of Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath. With ingredients like grape seed oil, cannabis leaves, Epsom salts, and cooling and calming essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint, it will help soothe and moisturize the skin (Please note that Mary Jane’s Medicinals is only available in California and Colorado).

Aloe vera is another plant that, like cannabis, has been used for thousands of years because of its healing benefits. More than 75 compounds make up its curative arsenal, like amino acids, salicylic acid, and glycoproteins. These work together to reduce pain and inflammation and form a protective layer over the skin to hold in moisture and keep skin hydrated. When aloe and CBD work together, the synergy can be especially beneficial, by quieting the inflammatory response to speed healing and providing a cooling effect upon application.


Beating the Burn

If you would rather just not deal with the redness, peeling, and subsequent farmer tan that comes from a bad sunburn, why not avoid it altogether? Nevada-based Evergreen Organix has an SPF+THC sunscreen. Available in SPF 30, it contains anti-aging ingredients and THC cannabinoids to help hydrate and protect your skin. But remember to reapply every two hours (or more if you’re a freckly pale one like me), especially if you’ve been swimming or doing strenuous activities like running or hiking.

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Most of the time, sunburns calm down in a few days and can act more like an itchy, peeling, inconvenience. But they can actually be very dangerous to your long term health. Excessive sun exposure can cause premature aging and wrinkling, and can cause skin cancer, including malignant melanoma. Every time you go outside unprotected, you are putting your skin at risk. So take care this summer, and treat your skin well!

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Bozeman, Montana-based Lost Remedy created their Burn Formula, made of aloe gel, avocado oil, tea tree oil, and hemp-derived CBD. In the beginning, Burn Formula was intended for cancer patients who had radiation burns. Now, it is also used for sunburn and accidental burn pain relief.

Another approach to reducing the pain from sunburn may be to go the internal route, by partaking of a high-CBD strain like ACDC, Charlotte’s Web or Hawaiian Dream. The high CBD content in these strains will help to suppress the inflammatory response causing sunburn pain, and has the added benefits of being anti-anxiety and pain relieving. Or, find a relaxing strain with a nice balance of THC to CBD to help you actually sleep through that sunburn pain!