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do smoke shops sell cbd

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Do smoke shops sell cbd

I bought a gram of the “hemp flowers” and smoked a whole joint of it and definitely felt high, but more of a “1 hit of regular weed” high. It was really, really nice, and I’m excited to have it available just up the street.

The back of the packaging says “legally compliant”. are they able to sell it like other CBD products because it’s under 1% THC?

Hey all. So I went to my local smoke shop up the street (in San Francisco) to get some vape juice and saw that they had baggies of real weed behind the counter glass. I’ve been a medical patient since 1999 so and am pretty well up-to-date on laws and regulations regarding the cannabis plant in general, but I was shocked (and delighted) to see real cannabis being sold as “hemp flowers”.

I’m a light but frequent smoker these days. I grown my own THC flowers and generally take a hit, maybe two in a day, a few times a week.

I’d actually like to buy some CBD clones this next grow season. Are they available in recreational dispensaries yet?

What’s the overall consensus about smoke shops selling CBD “hemp flowers”? If headshops can sell it, can I order in bulk on the Internet?