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do cbd creams work reddit

Do cbd creams work reddit

It's the wild west adding CBD to a lotion won't woy, but many people will sell that to you.

Ones I bought in a store did nothing for me but one I made by extracting cbd actually did work really well for my chronic pain. The store bought one was 150mg cbd spread across roughly 4 oz. I crammed roughly 800mg worth in that same amount and got results.

I think this would work. ^

I've got an 80 year old mother-in-law with arthritic and muscle/skeletal pain and I'm trying to help.

That’s basically the Rick Simpson way. Works very well

They've never done a thing for me.

To be effective a topical must be able to permeate the skin's phospho-lipid barrier. It must be a MCT or other 'transdermal' compound. Emu, Coconut, Jojoba, and a few other oils work. Because CBD Is lipophilic and those oils can cross the lipid barrier.

In short. Yes. But it must be correct. If correct only inhalation can beat it in absorption rates.

Do cbd creams work reddit

There are cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body and topicals are meant to work on a localized area, not get into the blood stream and be dispersed throughout the body. I use an infused pain cream for chronic shoulder pain and it’s been awesome

My understanding is that this chemical works on the central nervous system to relieve pain. While it can absorb through the skin, it still goes into the bloodstream and ends up in the brain. Therefore, it shouldn't matter where on the skin it's applied, right? I'm asking because my grandfather uses topical CBD on his knees for his knee pain. I'm worried he's being misled, and should just be taking it orally. To me, that makes as much sense as rubbing crushed up asprins on his knee. Am I wrong?

Thanks for the reply.

as a runner it helps with my sore legs. put it on at night wake up feeling a lot better. its going reduce inflammation directly on the area

Is topical the only CBD you use? I’m also a runner and looking at CBD for recovery benefits.

Topically it absorbs faster and direct to that area. Ingesting takes longer and breaks down in the liver so not all the CBD that’s ingested gets to the nervous system. Most of it is filtered out by the liver. I work for a company that makes CBD topicals and we have seen far more folks reacting immediately to the topicals then they have been with the edibles. Also, keep in mind that every person is going to have different reactions to different modes of dosing. Some don’t feel it at all some people feel relief immediately. I also learned that if you have been taking CBD regularly you are more likely to see its effects quickly where as a newcomer may need a week or two to start seeing effects. Such a cool little molecule, but stingy at times.