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cv services cbd oil

Cv services cbd oil

Canna Career Partners is a career consulting agency serving professionals in the cannabis industry through expert resume writing and personal brand development. We specialize in helping professionals of all levels to translate their experience and break into diverse specialties within the growing cannabis market including:

Advocacy / Education • Business Development • Retail Sales • Legal / Compliance • Software / Technology • Marketing • Manufacturing / Cultivation • R&D

Create an impactful brand that showcases your transferrable experience.

Our team specializes in developing impactful marketing materials and compelling personal brands that stand out in the most competitive job markets. We combine expertise in career consulting, branding, and resume preparation, with deep knowledge of industry trends to position our clients for success. We work with clients globally and nationwide.

Resume Experts for the Cannabis Industry

Cv services cbd oil

The organization has a vertically integrated system, which means complete traceability from seed to shelf.

The hemp gummies come in Peach, Sour Watermelon, Cherry Mango, and Citrus Punch flavors. Choose between 25mg and 10mg per gummy and 30-count or 60-count bottles.

Who Is PlusCBD?

The amount of CBD per serving ranges from 5mg to 50mg. What’s slightly confusing is that PlusCBD’s oil also has a pump spray bottle! Therefore, the only difference between this product and the so-called CBD spray is the cannabidiol concentration.

Does PlusCBD Sell Any Other Products?

Unlike other programs of this nature, PlusCBD offers extra rewards once you spend a certain amount during your lifetime as a customer. You have to spend over $1,000 to become a Platinum member, for instance. Once you reach this level, you get a double-point multiplier and free ground shipping.