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commercial cbd extraction equipment

Commercial cbd extraction equipment

The price: $599

The price: $175,000

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Ice Water Extraction

The extractor for the on-the-go cannabis connoisseur, the Source Turbo can be operated remotely via a mobile app. No day is too jam-packed for this extract. As an extra feature, the Turbo also comes equipped with altitude-specific tuning, so it can operate at its best performance whether up in the mountains or down on the beach.

The price: start at $473,800

The top 12 cannabis extraction machines:

The Eberbach Model E5703. Image credit: Eberbach.

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Commercial cbd extraction equipment

All of Maratek’s equipment are backed up with comprehensive testing, hard science, and money backed guarantee based on a total daily 95% ethanol extraction solution-processed. A 24-hour cycle includes filling, heating up, continuously topping off the still, and finally a full boil-down to solvent-free oil, which is typically unachievable with falling film systems.

Maratek’s EV line, EV-M Commercial Cannabis Extractor, EV-I KG Industrial Cannabis Extractor, has been engineered to maximize extraction yields while excelling in engineered automation. Our uptime guarantees utilize our secure remote troubleshooting technology and the ability to dispatch a technician within 24 hours if your equipment needs on-site service. Plus, we offer lifetime remote service at no extra cost.

Maratek EV Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Maratek provides top of the line Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction equipment for small to extremely large industrial-scale operations. Whether you are processing 50 pounds per day or looking at building an industrial turnkey extraction facility, Maratek has you covered. With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Maratek has brought its innovative equipment to the Cannabis industry. OERS equipment performs three steps in one automatic process. Bulk ethanol recovery, final ethanol recovery and decarboxylation are performed a single automatic process with minimal operator time needed.

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Extracting oils from cannabis and hemp is not an easy process. It often involves a very labour intensive procedure, many different types of equipment, compliance rules that are thousands of pages long, and a large capital expenditure budget. Maratek has recognized these issues and put its 50+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience into the cannabis industry to provide equipment for the entire process, eliminating these issues.

Commercial cbd extraction equipment

Ethanol Extraction Vessel

Our cannabis ethanol extraction systems are great for commercial producers and are great in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These systems are much more efficient than CO2 extraction systems. Our quality line of systems includes a series of hemp extraction, distillation, and crystallization equipment. Additionally, our systems offer extremely safe methods of extraction technology for hemp oil. The benefits of these systems are great for both the operator and the consumer and will provide great service to your business for many years to come.

Industrial Hemp Extraction Systems

Our various types of hemp oil extraction equipment are great for the major steps of the extraction process. From precision extraction solutions to cannabis or hemp oil extraction systems, we got you covered. Here are some of the uses that our quality equipment can be used for:

As always, for any questions or concerns regarding our services, you should definitely contact us at your earliest convenience. Our friendly representatives are always ready to answer questions regarding any of our great services.

These systems come in 100L and up. Additionally, the turnkey systems come with the following items:

Are you on the market for quality and efficient industrial hemp extraction equipment? If you are, then you should check out the products and services that Cedarstone Industry has to offer. We take great pride in providing clients products and services that are both efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, thanks to or 20 years in the sanitary industry, we are capable of assuring high quality. We do so thanks to our complete line of manufacturing and quality control apparatus. Our CBD oil extraction systems are great for commercial purposes and will serve your business for many years to come. So when you are in search of excellent hemp oil processing equipment, you can rest easy knowing that you can count on us.