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coles cbd

Coles cbd

The new store is also continuing the brand’s focus on sustainability, with soft-plastics recycling bins, doors on fridges to save energy, and uniforms made with partly recycled materials.

Coles Local York Street has harnessed data to help the brand select around 4700 product lines for the CBD shopper. As customers enter, they’ll see a wall devoted to kombucha – thanks to data showing CBD customers buy 13 times more of it than the average Coles customer. There’s also a huge range of vegetarian options, because Coles knows CBD shoppers purchase twice as much tofu as typical Coles customers.

Coles has opened another one of its snazzy Coles Local stores, this time in Sydney’s CBD. It’s the first new Coles supermarket to open in the CBD in 15 years and, like its compatriots in Chatswood, Manly and Rose Bay, it’s stocking a boutique line of products specifically for city shoppers.

As well as loads of kombucha and tofu, Coles Local York Street has a coffee and fresh juice station; a macaron, mini gelato and mochi ice-cream parlour; and more than 500 convenience lunch and dinner options. It’s also enlisted a slew of local businesses to help stock its shelves, including Land of Plenty, Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Pasta Pantry and Sonoma.

The first Coles Local opened in Melbourne’s Surrey Hills in 2018; Coles Local York Street is the fourth to open in Sydney. It’ll be followed by two more stores, in Melbourne’s Fitzroy and Brisbane’s Ascot, by the end of June.

Coles cbd

Thinus Keevé, Coles chief sustainability, property and export officer, said the Local format was resonating strongly with Sydney customers following the successful opening of stores in Rose Bay, Chatswood and Manly.

The state-of-the-art supermarket store, measuring 833 square metres, is slightly smaller than a standard Coles – but offers customers a unique shopping experience at every corner.

Coles has offered a first look inside its fancy new supermarket store – complete with a ‘kombucha wall’, freshly pressed juice, a self-service barista-style coffee station, a macaron bar and an ice cream parlour.

Published: 06:47 GMT, 19 May 2021 | Updated: 00:03 GMT, 20 May 2021

Coles like you’ve NEVER seen it before: Supermarket opens up a fancy new store – complete with a kombucha wall, barista-style coffee station and an ice cream parlour

Shoppers are greeted with a kombucha wall upon entry, an in-store coffee and fresh juice station, a macaron, mini gelato and Japanese mochi ice cream parlour, and one of the largest convenience food ranges in the country with more than 500 lunch and dinner solutions tailored to the busy city office workers.

‘The store has a bespoke layout focused on products that are most in demand among city customers, complemented by innovations customers wouldn’t expect to find in an ordinary supermarket.’

‘A key part of our property strategy is a tailored and targeted customer offer and our York street store has been customised using thousands of data points,’ Mr Keevé said.

One of the star attractions of the store is the ‘kombucha wall’ at the entrance, with local data showing city customers buy 13 times more kombucha when compared to a typical Coles customer

Coles has offered a first look inside its fancy new supermarket store on York Street in Sydney’s CBD

What could be better than the convenience of a supermarket on your commute into and out of the city? Grab your lunch items on your way into the office or ingredients for dinner on your way home or even place a weekly shopping order and collect it on your way home.

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A new look Coles Central – now sits in the heart of the city at ground level Raine Square.

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