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cloud nine cbd syrup review

Cloud nine cbd syrup review

Each bottle comes in a multitude of flavors, I picked Strawberry. I don’t know if it screams “strawberry”, I think it’s just more fruity with a berry taste but the hemp taste changes it’s overall profile, along with the contents.

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You might love it, or have tried it and loved it. But for me it’s a pass. Way too overwhelming for me and not in a good CBD way.

My second dose, same 1oz amount into about 16oz of soda water, tasted better, less sugary. But it hit me the same way, heavy, sedated, a bit overwhelming. It’s all the other herbs that do it I am sure. CBD never hits me like that. I’d say within an hour to an hour and a half I couldn’t handle it anymore and I went to bed at 9pm. I tossed and turned most the night because of it. I’d normally be out like a light just like when I nap.

“Sip and Relax on the Clouds” is the slogan. I can’t see anyone sipping on this, it’s just way too sugary and thick. And I did not find it relaxing.

Dispensaries are always a great place to find the best CBD syrup, but there are also many options online. Sites like DirectCBDOnline offer CBD syrup for sale from a variety of popular brands, and you can also buy direct from the makers themselves if you know which brand you’re looking for.

We try everything we review! Our team of experts rigorously evaluates products across a number of different categories.

If you are not really sure where to start, you may want to check around for CBD syrup review sites like to get a better sense of what you’re getting yourself into before making your first purchase. Either way, with the growing popularity of CBD syrup, the options are only getting better.


We try everything we review! Our team of experts rigorously evaluates products across a number of different categories.

Cloud 9 CBD Syrup (also spelled Cloud N9ne) is infused with CBD and nine highly concentrated all-natural herbs. This product is THC-free and said to produce a relaxing body high that makes you feel like you’re sitting on the clouds. If you check out any of the Cloud 9 syrup reviews online, you’ll see that many users say it’s the best CBD syrup they have tried. They also love the flavors and get pretty creative with how they mix it.

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Hemp Bombs sources their CBD from premium industrial hemp, grown in soil free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. This CBD syrup comes in two concentrations and is formulated with a balanced blend of broad-spectrum CBD and six botanicals. Hemp Bombs’ website CBD syrup review section is written by verified buyers who say the fruit punch flavor is delicious enough to take on its own.