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cherry lime cbd seltzer

Cherry lime cbd seltzer

We pride ourselves on using full-spectrum hemp and showing off all the cannabinoids you’re drinking in every batch of Shimmer Seltzer we make. Want to know the full makeup of your Shimmer Seltzer? Scan the code on your can or click below!

We currently offer CBD drinks for sale in Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and CBD seltzer delivery to all these states as well as New York and Florida. We’re always adding to our clientele, and we hope you’ll join us on our mission to refresh and relax by trying our hemp infused drinks today!

Introducing: Chai Cherry

We like to call it the entourage effect. Each hemp plant comes with a carousal of cannabinoids and terpenes, one of these cannabinoids is CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, but there’s more than CBD at work. There’s CBDV, CBDA, CBG (not to be confused with Hilly Kristal’s CBGB’s), and many others.

Introducing Chai Cherry, 6 Pack Samplers and New Shipping Locations

CBD Infused Drinks Near Me

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CENTR is a non-alcoholic, CBD infused, functional better beverage that gives you the moments to find clarity in everyday life.

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We get that life can be hectic, stressful, and noisy. The daily grind brings more than a few challenges and we easily find ourselves off-balance, offside and off-center.