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charlotte’s web cbd capsules

Charlotte's web cbd capsules

Charlotte’s Web was started with a mission to assist people, who could benefit from the specific benefits of hemp and cannabinoids. After giving away a little, and then a lot, they began growing a successful hemp business, focused on quality and health for their customers. Fast forward to now and Charlotte’s Web is one of the world’s most trusted brands, and for good reason. They are committed to quality hemp and manufacturing processes. They are definitely leaders in the CBD world, whether you are looking for yourself or your furry friend you can count on receiving a quality CBD, full spectrum product, when you choose Charlotte’s Web.

Charlottes Web CBD Liquid Capsules can be consumed simply by swallowing the capsule with water. For best results, it’s recommended that you take them consistently (at the same time every day). Adults can take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily.

Why Choose Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules?

Charoltte’s Web CBD liquid capsules are an easy and convenient way to get your daily CBD. These liquid capsules contain only two ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil and Charlotte’s Web full spectrum Hemp extract. They are perfect for those on the go and they can fit perfectly at your desk, in your bag or anywhere you go. These Charlotte’s Web capsules are available in a 60 count, with each soft capsule packing 25 mg of CBD and other minor cannabinoids. As one of the leading CBD companies in the industry, Charlotte’s Web is never a bad choice. We’ve written multiple blogs discussing their history and status as a pioneer in the hemp industry.

We recommend starting small and increasing. Begin with one capsule daily for 5 to 7 days. If you are not experiencing the benefits you hoped for you can go ahead and increase to two capsules daily for another week and see if that gives you the benefits that you’re looking for.

How to Use Charlotte’s Web CBD Liquid Capsules:

Charlotte's web cbd capsules

Consistency is key. Take CBD capsules regularly; at the same time every day.

Support a sense of calm for focus*

What is new about Charlotte’s Web liquid-filled capsules?
A lot! First, as the name implies, our new capsules are filled with liquid, Charlotte’s Web hemp extract and organic extra virgin olive oil, to be exact. There are two new concentrations: 15mg and 25mg.

Store CBD capsules in a cool, dry place.

For Best Results

Approx. 25mg CBD per 1mL serving

The only ingredients are Charlotte’s Web™ full-spectrum hemp extract and organic extra virgin olive oil. A secure band prevents leaks and the capsule is made to reduce oxidation and naturally maintain the integrity of its high-quality ingredients.

Our premium hemp extract is designed to help:


Just like our tinctures, our new liquid capsules contain just two ingredients: a carrier oil and Charlotte’s Web™ proprietary hemp genetics. This simple clean label of full-spectrum whole-plant extract and organic extra virgin olive oil delivers an easy-to-use CBD supplement that goes wherever you do.

Designed to support those with demanding lifestyles, our liquid capsules offer easy, consistent servings of Charlotte’s Web™ that run as hard as you do.