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chaos in the cbd soundcloud

Chaos in the cbd soundcloud

1. Chris & Cosey – Dancing Ghosts – Doublevision
2. Melina Marks – Tease Me (Komix Dub) – Bigshot Records
3. Hi-Bias – I Wanna Take You (Monna Mix) – Bigshot Records
4. Amy Jackson – Let It Loose (E.Z. Mix) – Bigshot Records
5. Rhythmic – Demons –
6. James Harris – Jealous Guy – Embassy Records
7. Bluejean – Don’t Laugh (Reg Raw Mix) – Breaking Bones Records
8. Mental Mayhem – Where Are They Hiding – Atmosphere Records
9. The Beloved – The Sun Rising (“The Break Of Dawn” CD Remix) – Rhythm Stick
10. Espresso – Ping Pong – Maxi Records
11. B.O.P. – Get It – Big Beat
12. Jerzzey Boy – Maad Busy – Bottom Line Records
13. LHAS – With In With Out – Push II Shove
14. Horn – Rooftop – Pomelo
15. LFO – Sonic Attack – Fast Forward Records
16. Chaos In The CBD – Come Together – In Dust We Trust
17. Neal Howard – Indulge – Network
18. Trak 1 – For This (Remix) – Ozone Recordings
19. Phase IV – Deep Inside – Bit Bites Brain
20. Tuning Circuits – D1 –

21. GLOK – Koloko – Bytes
22. Soul of Hex – Luxor – Unreleased
23. Lauer & Zombies In Miami – Michelada – Unreleased
24. Llewellyn – These Days (Don’t Make Wait) – Riotvan
25. Ari Bald – Pesce – Haŵs
26. Benjamin Fröhlich – The Big Sun (Massimiliano Pagliara Telephone Call Remix) – Permanent Vacation
27. Zombies In Miami – Frodo – Permanent Vacation
28. Zombies In Miami – Horizon – Creatures Of The Night (Forthcoming)
29. Zombies In Miami – Panoramica – Running Back
30. Tessuto feat Mutado Pintado – MFK (Virginia Remix) – Gop Tun
31. Joseeph – Voices – Creatures Of The Night (Forthcoming)
32. Bad Name Roy – Space Tottem – Creatures Of The Night (Forthcoming)
33. Zombies In Miami – Be Free (Dub Version) – Unreleased

Chaos in the cbd soundcloud

The pair have nimbly genre-hopped over EPs for the likes of ClekClekBoom, Hot Haus and Amadeus, and here they showcase a particularly laid-back strain of house, focusing on acoustic instruments and tasteful composition. It makes for a stylish, super-smooth listen, but the lack of variation in style means that some cuts shine brighter than others.

The kick drum has been relegated to a pulse across the four main tracks, but Chaos In The CBD join forces with club-jazz experimentalists Archie Pelago for a stomping final cut ‘Common Unity‘, its boom-bap beat unhurried but certainly adding a pinch of muscle to the delicate arrangement. As a whole the Midnight In Peckham EP doesn’t offer much in the way of variation, but if you dig house at its smoothest and most tasteful, there’s plenty of accomplished grooves on offer.

The Rhythm Section club night, a family affair run out of London’s Peckham Pool Club for the last year, has smoothly made the transition to record label over the last year. The team, helmed by rising star Bradley Zero, have been showcasing the jazzier side of London’s house scene, with notable releases from the likes of Henry Wu and Canada’s Local Artist. Their latest is one of the most chilled and mature yet, courtesy of Kiwi brothers Chaos In The CBD.

‘Observe‘ is one of the best, an upbeat piano line clipping over a swaying, NuGroove synth line and bristling percussion. Later title cut ‘Midnight In Peckham‘ lets a sax drift lazily over feathery keys and twinkling synths, the soundtrack to a Film Noir coda where the detective and femme fatale drive off into a monochrome sunset.