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chaos in the cbd kaitaia fire

By now we should know that Chaos In The CBD barely gets it wrong. In fact, we can’t think of one duff moment in their rapidly expanding discography. Certainly, there’s much to set the pulse racing throughout the Multiverse EP, which happens to be their first missive of 2018. We’re particularly enjoying the Adonis-goes-deep bassline, becalmed chords, druggy acid lines and bongo-laden beats of opener “Multiverse” and the humid tropical house hustle of B-side opener “Kaitaia Fire” – deep and woozy, yet percussively adventurous – but the whole EP is superb. The other two cuts, “Double Dribble” and “Drum Therapy”, are altogether deeper and calmer, with the latter also feeling wonderfully hypnotic in tone, too.

‘Multiverse’ is a word used to describe an infinite group of disparate universes including the ones currently inhabited by humans. A myriad of realms that sit side by side, undetected by our senses, surround us at any given moment. The multiverse theory was first confirmed by tracking leakage of electromagnetic waves filtering from one dimension into the next. When these waves were transposed to fit into frequencies audible by the human ear, the recordings were studied by a team of scientists, who found that they contained rhythmic elements that resembled a speech pattern of an alien language.

After years of research and manipulation the audio was found to be a looping recording of an alien voice speaking the words: ‘IDWT005; coming soon to a universe near you.