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cbd wounds

The effects of cannabidiol (CBD), the main non-psychotropic component of Cannabis sativa, were assessed on oral wound healing in an in vivo model. Standardized ulcers were induced in 60 Wistar rats using a 5-mm biopsy punch on the midline of the ventral tongue. Animals received intraperitoneal injections of CBD at doses of 0 (control), 5, and 10 mg/kg daily. Animals were weighed daily, and wound healing was clinically and histologically evaluated after 3 and 7 days of treatment. CBD treatment did not influence the wound area of ulcerative lesions at either observation time. Conversely, microscopic findings revealed that at Day 3 postwounding, CBD-treated lesions exhibited significantly lower inflammatory scores than those in the control group. However, this difference was not observed at Day 7. Collectively, these findings indicate that CBD exert an antiinflammatory effect in early phase of wound healing process although it was not sufficient promote clinical improvement of oral traumatic ulcerative lesions.

Keywords: cannabidiol; cannabinoids; mouth diseases; oral ulcer; wound healing.

Cbd wounds

If you suffer from a burn, immediately cool the burn with cold or lukewarm running water for 20 minutes. Avoid using ice, creams, or grease. Cover the injury with Saran wrap or a clean plastic bag, and visit the hospital if the burn is severe.

Rashes, meanwhile, can be a symptom of a variety of underlying conditions. If you have a persistent or sudden rash, it’s worth a visit to the physician.

Cuts & Scrapes

Rashes are red, pink, or discolored patches of skin, often with raised bumps. Outbreaks tend to affect particular areas of the body, such as the elbows. With a rash, you may experience, itching, swelling, and pain.

What Causes Skin Conditions?

Wounds to the skin are often accompanied by swelling. Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory, you can take some of this swelling down by applying a topical CBD cream. By removing inflammation, CBD can also reduce the pain you experience alongside an injury.