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cbd whey protein

Cbd whey protein

We decided that Floyd’s of Leadville was the best blending powder, however. It required the least degree of effort and mixed well with no grit or lumps.

As we mentioned earlier, you will not find an ‘inexpensive’ CBD protein powder. If you want a high-quality product, be prepared to pay! After all, you are combining two ingredients that are very expensive in their own right. All three products contain whey protein and a ton of amino acids. Willpower uses a range of cannabinoids, while the other two products use isolate.

It is perhaps the last option that intrigues exercise enthusiasts. Those who lift weights need to understand the process of muscle building. When you stress your muscles in this fashion, their fibers are torn and then repaired as part of the growth process. Traditionally, gym-goers use protein to help the muscles. The theory is that combining CBD with protein helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with workouts, and helps the muscles repair faster.

Willpower’s ReGen option contains 20mg of cannabinoids, 20 grams of protein, and 6g of BCAAs in every serving. It is the subject of a great degree of hype, and few brands match this package. However, Applied Nutrition’s Pro-CBD just about exceeds it! Each serving contains 23 grams of protein and 30mg of CBD, though the brand isn’t clear on BCAA content.


The Applied Nutrition version is by far the cheapest. We saw it on one website for £31. Each 750-gram container offers 25 servings. As you have probably guessed, it is a UK-based brand, and you may find it challenging to find a third-party that ships to the United States. If you do, make sure you take the cost of shipping into account.

The question is: Can CBD protein powder add a little ‘extra’ to this process? Let’s find out in this guide. We also reveal the best CBD protein powder on the market.

Those who champion CBD claim it has an array of potential benefits. It could have the following properties:

Best Blending CBD Protein Powder

Regardless of the CBD protein you use, make sure you have an idea of your nutritional needs. There is research to suggest that excessively high doses of protein over a long period could lead to kidney damage. Realistically, you would need to consume a lot of CBD protein powder to have an issue, and the expense involved makes it even tougher!

Willpower’s option is costly at $79.99 for 480 grams. This equates to just 15 servings at over $5 apiece! Floyd’s of Leadville is almost as expensive. The brand’s one-pound bag contains only ten servings for $39.99, $4 a serving. You can cut the price significantly by paying almost $180 for a six-pack. This works out at around $30 per bag, or $3 a serving. At least there is the option to buy a single serving for $4.99 to see if you like it.

Cbd whey protein

Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD. We do not recommend exceeding the recommended dose as this will not improve the results.

This product is most effective when taken after exercise and between meals.

1 scoop of 30 grams to 250 ml of water / milk

Protein helps build and repair your body tissue. It also aids in the production of enzymes and hormones. Proteins are essential building blocks for blood, skin, muscles, bones and cartilage. Like CBD, it also plays a role in strengthening the immune system. Even when you’re engaged in everyday activities such as work or grocery shopping, you’ll get the boost you need to keep going.

Use our CBD Whey Protein Vanilla

Store CBD Whey Protein Vanilla in a cool and dry place. The product should be kept out of the reach of children. Use by pregnant women is not recommended, even while breastfeeding.

Are you done exercising or halfway through the workout? Then repairing or refueling energy is crucial.

Order more, pay less!
* Order 2-3 pieces for € 37,95 each and save 5%
* Order 4-9 pieces for € 35,96 each and save 10%

CBD Whey Protein Vanilla – Recover and rehabilitate

To help you in recovery and promote muscle growth, this CBD Whey Protein Vanilla from CBD + SPORT provides the ‘entourage effect’. This maximizes the therapeutic benefits of CBD when absorbed into the body.

This product is not intended as a food substitute and should not be used as such. Nor is it intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

Content and CBD concentration
500 grams – 250 mg CBD

CBD Whey Protein – CBD + sport

Then of course the question is what the benefits of CBD Whey Protein are. First, the shake can speed up recovery after exercise. In addition, the growth of muscles is promoted and the endurance of the user is increased. The user can also experience less pain after exercise and thus relax more easily.

The entourage effect

CBD Whey Protein can be combined with water or milk. It can be taken before training, during a short break or afterwards. We consider the latter to be the most effective: after exercise. As with other shakes, you can take this shake in between meals. So you don’t have to make any other adjustments to your diet.