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Here is our comprehensive guide to the do’s and don’ts of advertising CBD online:

Luckily, there are still some options for CBD promotion on other social channels, like Snapchat. Snapchat has its own rules and restrictions about how you can talk about CBD or hemp, but it’s much less restrictive than Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram

After working with clients who have added CBD products to their portfolios, we have navigated ad rules and regulations regarding CBD/hemp and have learned the ins and outs of marketing these products across multiple digital channels.

What exactly is CBD and how is it different from its more commonly known counterpart, THC (aka, marijuana)? CBD is just one of the 85 different cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. It does not contain any THC and does not have any psychoactive effects (i.e., consumption of CBD will NOT get you high). CBD has many uses and benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, aiding in sleep, etc. (Meg Adelman, February 2019). It can be consumed in many different forms – topicals, transdermal patches, oils, tinctures, gummies, pills, beverages, vape pens – and has no harmful side effects.

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So how do CBD manufacturers stand out from all the noise? Like any other business, developing a sound marketing strategy is key to success. Unfortunately, many advertising platforms’ policies contain strict rules related to CBD advertising due to the various state-by-state restrictions. Many of the big digital advertising players – Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – are slowly adapting to these ever-adjusting legalizations.

The above is what’s worked for us.

My team here at Website Depot has helped many CBD businesses to grow despite all that.

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As these rules keep changing, hopefully, it gets easier. With luck, someday soon, this article will be out of date. Today, however, these are some ways to grow and sustain your CBD business.

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The truth is that there are tons of CBD vitamins and pills legally sold and advertised. That said, bigger corporations such as Google and major banks are holding off on it since this is the “new thing” on the market.