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cbd wax review

Cbd wax review

Manufacturers utilize high temperatures and high pressure to turn the CO2 critical. This means it becomes like a gas and a liquid at the same time.

There is also the risk of explosion during the extraction process! Therefore, you should NEVER try to complete BHO extraction at home. We also recommend choosing brands that use CO2 extraction over BHO. Doing so increases the likelihood of buying a healthier CBD wax.


Another huge benefit is the effects of inhaling CBD. As vapers will know, inhaled CBD is likely more efficient than oral consumption. According to some estimates, the bioavailability (how much of a compound your body can use) of CBD vaping is up to 50%. Generally, researchers have found that it’s between 34-46%. This is incredible compared to edible CBD, which is estimated to offer between 4-20% bioavailability.

There are several forms of CBD wax. Waxes differ from powders and crystals due to their texture, but ‘wax’ is also an umbrella term for a few different concentrates. You may see CBD waxes listed under other names, such as the following:

What Are the Different Types of CBD Wax?

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction remains a popular method and involves the use of butane to take the compound from cannabis or hemp. The butane is left to evaporate at this stage to leave a highly concentrated substance. However, not every company successfully removes the vast majority of butane. The result is an end product containing the substance known for being toxic to humans.

Cbd wax review

Even if you’ve never used CBD yourself, you’re probably familiar with it. Perhaps the most popular form of CBD on the market is CBD oil, though gummies and other edibles are common as well. These products are very user-friendly and come in a variety of concentrations made with different kinds of CBD. Depending on the other ingredients used in the product, they may provide additional benefits [1] such as reducing inflammation or relieving pain.

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