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cbd water soluble powder

Cbd water soluble powder

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a well-known cannabinoid found within cannabis plants that is widely used as a wellness supplement in oil form.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

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The Top Water Soluble CBD Products of 2022

Water soluble CBD products are made with nano emulsified CBD, or tiny particle sized CBD molecules that make it easier for the bloodstream to absorb the compound. These nano CBD particles are more compatible with water, despite the hydrophobic nature of macro CBD molecules that usually have to be infused with oil based products. This is a common process that has been used in pharmaceutical medicine for years, and the technology may prove to be beneficial in the CBD industry as well. CBD-infused water is an easy way to get a microdose of CBD that may promote general health and wellness from the inside out.

Cbd water soluble powder

Broad spectrum hemp oil
Gum acacia
Sunflower lecithin
Vitamin E
Broad spectrum 0.0 % THC

How to use it

This product is very easy to use. This powder has been designed for quick preparation, mix the desired amount with all types of beverages or just in water to be used in water to be used in the manufacture of semi-solid and solid products.

Protein powders and drinks
Hot or cold drinks (water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, tea, herbal tea, soda, coffee. )
Confectionery & cakes
Ready to use drinks and sauces



Water soluble CBD powder is a broad spectrum powder. This water soluble powder is developed using an exclusive emulsion technology specific to the food and beverage market.

Examples of possible mixtures:


Improves mood
R reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and mild depression
Helps you fall asleep for a better sleep
Has anti-fungal properties, i.e. against fungi
Fighting bacterial infections
Relieves pain through its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
Contains anti-cancer properties by slowing the progression of tumours and preventing their growth in the body
Combats oxidative stress in the cells and therefore the ageing of the body thanks to its anti-oxidant properties
Neuroprotective, it contributes to the treatment of degenerative diseases such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease

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Cbd water soluble powder

Readily dispersible in liquid, HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Powder provides a gentle mineral water flavor and a clear-white color.

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Highly soluble, fully traceable, and clean tasting, HydroBond CBD™is a premium CBD ingredient created through Prinova’s proprietary in-house process. This formulation-ready ingredient is available as a powder or a water-soluble liquid.

HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Liquid blends in with whatever you add it to—no flavor or color masking needed.

HydroBond CBD™ Water-Soluble Powder 20%

HydroBond CBD™ Water-Soluble Liquid 5%