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cbd water portland

Cbd water portland

Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, pineapple juice, pear juice, banana puree, orange juice, mango juice, and hemp cannabidiol

This blend is our chance at using the choicest selections of Pacific Northwest fruits. Always red fruit-forward, an elaborate seasonal blend of red raspberries, hearty blackberries, and our favorite cherries, finished with hints of black currant and balanced with lemon.

Being owner-operated, we keep an eye on every detail to bring you a delicious, clean, and safe drink.


Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, cherry juice, lemon juice, and hemp cannabidiol


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Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, raspberry juice, black currant juice, cherry juice, and hemp cannabidiol

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Cbd water portland

Aprch CBD Sparkling Water retails for $3.49/can, $12.99/four pack and is currently available in four classic flavors –

Cherry + Lime (Currently available in draft, cans coming soon):

PORTLAND, Ore.— Aprch is a new wellness beverage company inspired by adventure, integrity, health and the environment. Aprch blends pure sparkling water with good for you elements including broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD), key amino acid L-Theanine, and nutrient-rich vitamins to nourish the mind, body and soul. Available now in single-serve and four packs across the Pacific Northwest, Aprch CBD Sparkling Water is available in over 500 retailers and nationwide online at

Cool as a cucumber, with a crisp mint finish. Refreshing and satisfying as a trip to the spa…

Each can begins with pure, Oregon filtered water, next Aprch combines broad spectrum CBD, L-Theanine (a key amino acid found in green tea that promotes relaxation), vitamin C for vitality and organic natural flavors. This proprietary formula creates an exceptional tasting drink, with specific key ingredients that provide the desired effects and benefits you would expect from a wellness beverage. Aprch delivers just the right amount of calm and clarity, to take the edge off.

Cbd water portland

Ryan Stroud, Eclipse CEO stated that market growth and hemp legalization were setting the perfect market for his company to provide consumers with clean and effective CBD.

Ryan says that their high-quality products and eco-friendly packaging are what sets them apart in the CBD beverage space.

Eclipse, the CBD-infused beverage brand based in Portland has launched its product across the Pacific Northwest and made it available in 1,000+ stores. This product comes in a variety of flavors with 20mg per serving (in a $2.99 dollar 16 oz can) while incorporating certified ingredients devoid of sweeteners and calories.

Stroud is a military veteran and an experienced Fortune 50 consultant with a background in public policy development. On the other hand, his co-founder, Ryan Maxson has roots in agriculture and specializes in packaging and merchandising his products.

Flavors in which Eclipse occurs include Lemon Lime, Cucumber Mint, and Mixed Berry. The only ingredients used in the zero-THC products include CBD, sodium benzoate, carbonated water, citric acid, and natural flavors.