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cbd watch

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Cbd watch

It all started with Bolt, a French bulldog who calls the Mexican capital of Mexico City home. Bolt is a true Bomberg veteran and has actually been the brand’s mascot since Day 1 – and is as such is of essential importance of course. As a result, the brains behind the brand were all the more concerned when Bolt’s health recently rapidly deteriorated as a result of stress.

Love for dogs has always been a fundamental part of Bomberg’s DNA, even before Bolt was cured, but now it was finally time for the young Swiss watch brand to express that appreciation in the form of a watch. After all, it saved Bolt’s life.

Bolt, the cured bulldog

Bolt is doing splendidly again.

BB-01 Automatic CBD at a glance:

Good advice was expensive and so Bomberg contacted the Swiss organisation “Bouledogue Attitude Foundation” without further ado – a NPO dedicated to the protection of French and English bulldogs.