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cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

Cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

Hey read your comment. I've been wanting for awhile to get some delta 8. How are effects for you ? And what would be best reputable company to order with delta 8?

Actually, experimenting is a good idea, I was kinda trying to find the magic as you said. I didn't know about delta-8. Thanks for sharing

I do 4:1 cbd:thc and usually just take four or five bong tokes but mileage may vary. I'm super sensitive to THC and get anxious if I overindulge

Do you feel the effect right away, and do I have to do it for a week or so?

I would start with 10:1 CBD:THC and go from there.

Cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

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When one's resources are so low that they're constantly living near their emotional floor, adding just a touch of resources doesn't do very much. You won't feel "good", per se, but you will feel "less anxious". The higher the dose, the more resources that get poured into the vase. With a high enough dose, you'll actually cross that center line and then be able to feel. happy.

Hey there! I should start this for by explaining that I have no negative feelings towards THC as I have tons of friends and family that use marijuana for various health conditions. I used to be an avid smoker, and by that, I mean I used to smoke multiple times a day. Then, one awesome day, I took an edible and it freaked me the fuck out- similar to the first time I got high. Ever since, I can’t smoke or use marijuana without getting anxious, paranoid, and afraid. I went through a time after this experience where I had to seek medical help because the trip made my mental illnesses THAT bad. I moved back in with my parents two hours away from where I had just moved (a month before) and was attending school because of suicidal issues, plus the anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I’ve done some research and had to accept that, like studies show, marijuana can increase those feelings sometimes, out of nowhere. I’ve also read that CBD is the opposite of THC and that it might be a better alternative for marijuana use, although it is made from marijuana as the properties are completely different. Can anyone give me personal stories or studies (scientific proof haha) about CBD and if it will help me more than it hurt me? I miss smoking with all my friends and I know that even if I’m smoking CBD, it’ll be nice to be able to smoke with them and enjoy those times, plus it won’t hurt me like that awful night and every smoke sesh thereafter. Thank yaaaaa 🙂

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