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cbd vape reddit

Cbd vape reddit

It's a godsend for my gf's anxiety, instantly cures all physical symptoms and is a bit of a miracle cure according to her. It's not really worth picking up for no reason (especially as it isn't cheap), but it's great for certain ailments.

Not sure how they dissolve CBD oils in VG, but apparently it can be done.

Head to r/cbd for more info

It's not for getting high, the THC content is so low that you won't get high anyway, but the CBD is where all the health benefits are, so its considered a vitamin or supplement.

Tried a tank of it. It made me feel fairly relaxed and tired at the same time. I didn't realize it could show up on drug tests though?

Cbd vape reddit

If you're using concentrated quality cartridges, they work well. CBD e-juices are more for casual vaping than anything because they're not really strong enough to do much for some people. Depending, you can get a 1000mg cart for the same price as a bottle of 1000mg juice depending on the companies you choose. My carts (1000mg, uncut, 1ml) run $85ea and last forever because you only take one or two puffs as needed. A 1000mg 30ml bottle can run anywhere between $45 and $120 depending on the company and doesn't last as long. You also need to keep in mind that there's a lot of snake oil in the CBD world so not all companies have quality product (that produce the desired effects) and are OK to buy from. Verifying testing through an accredited lab is a big help in that department, if you know what to look for.

They sell it in e liquid form

Just my opinion as I'm not a fan of isolates and distillates.

Also note that, while I like my carts strong enough to drop a horse (not really, but I like the saying lol), not everyone needs that. There are good companies that sell carts and disposables starting at 150mg (possibly as low as 75mg, actually), & that works for some folks. Different strokes for different folks and whatnot lol. I started with a 400mg cart that worked well, but I'd rather be safe. I'm twitchy like that though lol.

That being said, unfortunately, CBD really doesn't work for everyone. You can have 10 people use it exactly the same, & they would all have different results. Not everyone has the same body chemistry. The same applies to animals as well, actually. It's definitely not a black and white topic lol.