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cbd vape nyc

Cbd vape nyc

As the conversation around CBD (cannibidiol) has become more mainstream over the last year, more and more New Yorkers have become intrigued by its potential benefits. I’ve heard the same questions pop up again and again around the subject: what exactly does it do? Where do I get it? How much do I take? Is it going to get me stoned? And is it really legal?

“Up until maybe 18 months ago, you couldn’t find CBD in New York to save your life,” noted Josh Kirby, co-founder of California-based sublingual CBD company Kin Slips. “I grew up in New York, so I’m very familiar with how behind the state is drug policy-wise.”

While most places are just dipping a toe in the CBD-infused water with pop-ups and special events, Tribeca’s Bubby’s is all-in on CBD. Owner Ron Silver launched a line of CBD-infused items (sugar and syrups), called Azuca, which he’s selling at the restaurant, where you can also get it in coffee, tea and lemonade.

Cbd vape nyc

To fully understand the kinds of health benefits CBD may offer, it is important to understand exactly how CBD interacts with the body. CBD is one of the dozens of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis and hemp. Cannabinoids are compounds that interact with our own endocannabinoid system, which is a communication system that helps regulate a number of physiological functions, including mood, pain regulation, and digestion, with a primary focus on keeping the body maintain healthy homeostasis (or helping keep things in the body the way they should be running).

Yes, you read correctly and no, we are not joking. Go into your local CBD retailer and you will very likely see CBD products marketed towards canines! However, before you stock up for your dog, there are several factors to consider before giving them to your pet.

How Does CBD Work?

There are a number of different CBD vape oil options available now, including various flavors, oils with varying mixes of CBD and THC, and cartridge sizes. Though there are a number of ways to consume CBD now, vaping CBD oils still remains one of the most popular methods.

The product that really helped CBD become easily accessible and contributed to its rise in popularity is CBD oils. With CBD distilled into oil, there are a number of convenient, discrete ways to consume it, but the earliest, most popular method was through vapes and similar devices. Riding on the coat-tails of E-cigarettes and e-juices, the devices that could vape it already existed, so CBD oil was able to easily transition into the market and be vaped discretely and easily.

CBD Topicals

A final note, dogs are extremely sensitive to THC and the intoxicating effects of THC last much longer than it does in humans and symptoms of intoxication are far more pronounced. You need to be sure that you are giving your pups CBD isolates that contain no THC for the best experience for your pet.