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cbd treatment for dyslexia

Cbd treatment for dyslexia

In a study to obtain more information on the qualitative elements of social interaction, two rats were placed in a test chamber, allowing that they interact with each other freely. In this test, the mouse with ASD often turns away from social interaction and is isolated in the corner of the chamber. With CBD, this abnormal escape behavior was normalized, revealing CBD’s potential to reduce autism-like impediments to social interaction and anxiety. anxiety social.

The opinion of our experts suggests that there is a wide range of therapeutic opportunities with CBD in the field of neuropediatrics, the benefits are diverse and the effectiveness is increasingly proven with the publication of scientific studies. With appropriate medical follow-up, treatment of autism with CBD is possible.


Autism is a permanent condition, however, as much as people with autism share these difficulties, the intensity that affects them is different, making them unique. These differences can exist from birth and be obvious to everyone, or they can be subtle and become visible throughout development.

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CBD oil treatment gives families the hope of leading a life that does not undergo intensive care practices because the benefits of CBD have proven to help with many of the symptoms of autism.

Cbd treatment for dyslexia

To reduce distraction the researchers separated the colour from the word using two different objects. The colour was one object – a rectangle – and the word was printed in black ink upon it. Although the word within this could be completely ignored as its letters were not in the colour that needed to be reported, adult dyslexics still experienced interference at a higher level than non-dyslexic adults.

Lead author of the new paper, Dr Michael Proulx, explained: “Our results suggest a special type of attention – object based attention – might be a fundamental problem in dyslexia.

“We are now looking to team-up with a tech company to develop ways to make written electronic information easier for people with dyslexia to read and process. Brain games using the interference test might be one way to teach people to focus on the right information, which could make reading easier.”

Through the interference task, participants are asked to name the colour of letters but ignore the word. For most people this is difficult when the word ‘ RED ’ is printed in blue ink: the meaning of the word interferes with a person’s ability to say the word ‘BLUE’.

A prior study found that children with dyslexia experienced greater interference with what the word was, even when they were supposed to ignore the word.

Through the study at Bath, the researchers also introduced a new way to test interference by trying to reduce the influence of the ‘distracting word’: the test assesses distraction by asking participants to just report the colour of the ink, not the word. Surprisingly, even with difficulties in reading, the dyslexic brain is still compelled to read the irrelevant word even though it should be ignored.

As part of the study, just published online via the journal Neurocase, researchers monitored how adults with and without dyslexia responded to an ‘interference test’. Their results revealed large differences in terms of attention deficits for adults with dyslexia.

To read findings in the latest study, ‘Stroop interference in adults with dyslexia’ via Neurocase, see .

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