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cbd tincture dosage reddit

Cbd tincture dosage reddit

So far 5mg x2 daily.

1ml of my oil is 25mg so I usually do that on the daily. I usually take it every morning but then if I'm a little sore after work or feel like I just need it for my body to relax I'll take another 1ml in the evening.

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So usually 25mg, but sometimes 50mg per day.

Vaping has changed my life too!

20-40 usually, something like that.

Live in a non legal state with little information on it local shop sells me 25mg edibles so i use 25 a day dont really notice much but hope it keeps me healthy

Thank you OP for starting this discussion. I think it will be very beneficial for everyone to see what’s working.

15mg tincture every morning.

Cbd tincture dosage reddit

My recipe is 30g decarboxylated flower to 450ml edible ethanol. -Everclear in the US.

I have a high tolerance.

Is it better to swallow it or is under the tounge better?

Why 450ml? It's simply the full contents of the bottle my ethanol comes in. You can adjust this volume ratio down to tweak your high as you desire.

But 5ml of tincture per cocktail gets me mellow for 5-6 hours. And the initial buzz of the ethanol doesn't hurt either. 🙂

I make my own for rec use. I use a syringe with a horse needle to draw up the tincture, and add to soda water, or schweppes bitter lemon. It's then a cocktail.

There's no way to say for sure what's in it and how it will affect you personally. Start slow. 10 drops in a shot glass of orange juice. Wait 2 hours and if nothing, add 5 more, etc. You can always add more but overdoing it will be an unpleasant.

Cbd tincture dosage reddit

Friday I did not take it and slept horribly (pretty unusual for me). So last night I took 1 mL again, thinking it would help ensure a better night’s sleep, but I still had trouble. I wound up taking another 1 mL dose an hour or so later, followed by another 1 mL dose an hour or so after that (30mg total over the course of 3+ hours). I did finally fall asleep but I am not sure if it was the CBD or just my body eventually being tired enough.

All of this said, since I’ve only used it 4 nights ever, I’m not sure if it’s even having an effect on me yet.

I started using Sunsoil (Green Mountain) full spectrum CBD oil tincture last week. It’s the 60 mL bottle with 10mg per mL.

Either way, now that it’s been on my mind, I may need some help again tonight and unsure of what dosage to go with. Do I start back with the 1 mL dose? Should I try starting with 2 mL or 3 mL?

The recommended dosage is 1 – 2 mL every 4-6 hours. I started with 1 mL before bed 3 nights last week. I can’t say if it worked or not because I was pretty calm when I took it anyway. But I did sleep well.

Just looking for some advice. I started using CBD last week and I’m just really stuck on the dosage. Could really use some input!

Thanks so much for any help. I know it’s not an exact science and that is tough for me. I so badly want to be able to take advantage of this product – I know it’s been such a miracle for so many others who suffer from anxiety.