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cbd tincture bottles wholesale

Brown eye dropper bottles are glass containers that are used to store tincture. However, they’ve become equally useful in the cannabis industry. Amber glass tincture bottles are used to store hemp oil, CBD oils, and other cannabis extracts.

Importance Of The Brown Tint In Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

Another factor that makes dropper bottles amazing products is the fact that they can be reused. Thus, your customers would be able to utilize these products for as long as they wish. Cleaning amber dropper bottles is also effortless. Their inert state also ensures that every product stored within is safe and intact.

Wide Selection Of Brands

Purchasing dropper bottles wholesale can improve sales in your business tremendously. Amber tincture bottles are versatile products. They are available in different sizes and styles. Not only will you appeal to cannabis customers, but also clients from the cosmetic industry.

Cbd tincture bottles wholesale

We want to provide the best CBD tincture bottle for you to store your highly valued products. Many essential oils and extracts are light sensitive. Amber glass and cobalt glass tincture bottles provide more UV protection than clear glass alternatives.

Our CBD tincture bottles are designed to store and contain CBD oil, hemp oil, essential oils and other liquid extracts. As tinctures are typically a highly concentrated extract of an herb or plant, our tincture bottles are low-volume bottles with a dropper cap to allow for precise dosing. All our CBD tincture bottles are made from durable, high quality glass.

Yes! While CBD oil, hemp oil and other essential oils can help individuals with the proper dosage, we believe CBD tincture bottles should be difficult for children to access. All our empty tincture bottles are child resistant to provide additional safety while still allowing easy access for adults

Why are there no clear tincture bottles below?

Are these CBD tincture bottles child resistant?