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cbd tattoo

Cbd tattoo

This is highlighted in a distinguished meta review conducted by Atalay et al in 2020. They found that CBD is a powerful antioxidant and also “interrupts free radical chain reactions, capturing free radicals or transforming them into less active forms.”

It is extremely common to feel anxious about getting a tattoo, particularly if it is your first time. People often describe the pain of their own experiences, but this differs with each individual. As mentioned earlier in the article, it is important to avoid ibuprofen as a pain reliever as this will thin the blood and increase bleeding.

Not only will this make the experience for you less painful before, during and after the tattoo, but it will also aid the prevention of infection.

Keep it Clean

Instead of ibuprofen, why not try CBD instead next time you get a tattoo? Research suggests that this would be a far more useful approach. There are numerous studies that highlight CBD’s efficiency as an analgesic.

The origins of tattoos can be traced back thousands of years. A number of Egyptian mummies were found to have tattoos on their bodies, all the way back to 3351 BC. There were a variety of reasons as to why people got tattoos, from a record of how many scalps a warrior had taken, to those who wanted to take home a bit of culture from their voyages.

Our Guide to Using CBD for Tattoos

From CBD vape oil, to CBD oil, to CBD balm, Cannacares have you covered from start to finish in your tattoo journey.

There is no doubt that getting a tattoo can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, particularly if it is your first. To make matters worse, research suggests that people are likely to be more sensitive to painful stimuli when experiencing stress. This is also compounded when people are suffering from depression or anxiety as well.

Just like the other Inked Army aftercares, this cream is vegan and has not been tested on animals. A 100ml jar contains 260.78 mg cannabidiol.

Vaselinum CBD – With its gentle formula containing CBD, this aftercare supports a faster healing process and comfort.

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive extract made from hemp flowers. The cannabis plant has been used as a remedy for centuries and is used in all cultures. The CBD ointment has a natural effect on the nervous system, thanks to this it better helps soothe the tattoo area and reduce pain. In addition to this, the CBD Vaseline is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and much more! Thanks to its natural ingredients, the product is very kind to the skin.

– For use after tattooing as aftercare
– Contains 260.78 mg cannabidiol (in 100ml jar)
– Color: White
– Vegan
– Moisturizing with a calming effect
– Anti-inflammatory
– Not susceptible to germ formation
– Resealable
– Consistency is similar to that of a tattoo butter
– Content: 100 ml