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cbd tampons

Cbd tampons

Delving into the alternative world of CBD tampons and find out how they provide all-natural pain relief for period pains.

CBD tampons: your guide

In the meantime – keep reading for your complete guide to CBD tampons.

What are CBD tampons?

Luckily for women with painful or heavy periods, CBD tampons are rising in popularity in the UK. How do they work? They allow ‘a small percentage of the cannabinoid compound be absorbed through the vaginal mucosa.’ Now, while you may have heard about the many CBD benefits and the promise of CBD oil as a natural remedy for pain relief – the alternative remedy has been approved in several countries to treat pain related to multiple sclerosis and arthritis – do you know if it really works in tampon form?

Cbd tampons


Set to launch in Autumn 2019, the brand’s first product offers an alternative to traditional painkillers. Each tampon is coated with 30% cannabidiol (CBD) oil to maximise pain relief during menstruation. CBD naturally decreases this discomfort when absorbed via the vaginal canal, as it holds the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors.

The feminine care industry is experiencing a complete transformation, as bold indie brands step into the spotlight and shatter taboos. Simultaneously, smart companies are reinventing everyday products to optimise comfort. British start-up Daye is launching CBD-infused tampons, with the aim of making periods as pain-free as possible.