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cbd superstore whitestone ny

Alex was knowledgeable and so nice. A few customers walked in as we were talk and Alex was just as nice to everyone that walked in the door.

The space itself is clean and has a lot of options. I appreciated the time he spent with us!

Alex is a sweetheart who thoroughly explained all of his products to myself and my mother. He gave a ton of different options to fulfill our needs and he was very honest and direct in his guidance! This is truly important when it comes to the topic of CBD and he totally nailed it.

Today was my husband and I first time at this store and our experience was nothing but wonderful. Alex took his time (around an hour) to example all the benefits, best products and how my husband should use CBD.

We ended up picking up a few things and will be returning soon.

Cbd superstore whitestone ny

Address: 45-74 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361

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Was having major anxiety and depression so I decided to stop by Dr Nature in Rockville Center and I was WOWED by all the products. after checking out the reviews at their Long Beach location I got the 4000 full spectrum Oil and some gummies! So yummy. . I definitely recommend going in and checking it out . both shops are beautiful as well!! – rachel arenella

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Hemp Smarts is my favorite Hemp/CBD store on Long Island, and is a holistic community space that’s always welcoming. It’s stocked with many Hemp and CBD options, and run by the knowledgeable and compassionate owner, Jay. This space has provided me with many CBD products, as well as education about how to use them. I would highly recommend checking out this space. – gimarie