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cbd strains for depression

Cbd strains for depression

In this informative article, we will first begin by discussing much of what there is to know and understand about mood disorders. We will then tie in the medical marijuana element, specifically, which marijuana strains have benefitted cannabis patients who struggle with mood disorders.

Bipolar Disorder

Doctors often prescribe some combination of these medications to individuals with severe bipolar disorder. Professionals and medical experts believe that the correct combination of medication and traditional talk therapy can be an especially effective method of managing mood disorders.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Mood Disorders

Some common medications prescribed for depressive disorder patients include:

Cbd strains for depression

The Jack Herer strain is known as a ‘pick-me-up’ strain making it ideal for morning consumption or when you’re feeling low.

Cinex is a hybrid coming from Cinderella and Vortex strains, with a balanced effect from both the parent strains. It is a THC dominant strain- almost 25%, which may not be a great option for people with anxious tendencies.

5. Jack Herer

A pure Indica cherished throughout times, Northern Lights is one of the most legendary and resinous buds. A descendent of Afghani & Thai landrace strain, Northern Lights took its genetics forward to many famous hybrids like Super Silver Haze, Shiva Skunk, etc.

Depression is complex and a multi-dimensional mental health issue which impacts each person in a different way and extent. This is similar to Cannabis, as it is a complex plant that has a range of effects and affects everyone differently. The complexities on both sides make it difficult for the researchers to conclude whether marijuana helps with depression or not.

1. Cinex

XJ-13 is a THC-dominant strain celebrated by everyone as it has a very mood-elevating effect bound to make anyone feel better. It does not just induce creativity or make you a better conversationalist but is also lined with an exciting burst of flavours with uplifting spirits.