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cbd strain effects

Cbd strain effects

Sweet and Sour Widow lands in the middle ground with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. This even split offers first-time cannabis consumers an enjoyable entry point to both THC and CBD without sending them into orbit. It also makes for good medicine while being slightly euphoric and stoney.

If you’re interested in finding high CBD strains yourself, look for strains that contain only circles in their Leafly strain flower. This will help you find strains that consistently express high levels of CBD, which is more likely to bring you clear-headed relief. But if you’re ready to cut to the chase, here are the top picks from our users:

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Bonus staff review: “This strain has become a household name among high-CBD strains. This variety tends to produce less than 1-2% of THC, so you can reap its medicinal benefits without the high. Sour Tsunami is fairly prolific, so keep an eye out for this strain at your next dispensary visit if you’re looking to quell pain or anxiety symptoms without the interference of THC.”

Created by the larger-than-life grower and activist Lawrence Ringo, Sour Tsunami was brought into being by combining Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. This unlikely pair of stimulating plants bred the high-CBD phenotype that has since redefined the medicinal qualities of cannabis.

3. Sweet and Sour Widow

Ringo’s Gift—named for activist, CBD specialist, and founder of SoHum Seeds, Lawrence Ringo—is a hybrid cross of Harle-Tsu and ACDC. It keeps on giving to patients seeking a nearly full-on CBD-driven strain, with an average ratio of 24:1 CBD/THC.

The top reasons to use CBD strains are for pain, inflammation, stress, and relaxation. The low THC levels make this a perfect strain to medicate with during any time of the day. This type of cannabis has been used lately for patients trying switch off painkillers to a more natural/healthier type of medicine. Other uses for the CBD strain are nausea, seizer suppressant, anxiety, and depression.

When growing the CBD plant it is impossible not to include THC in the process as they both go hand and hand. Naturally occurring CBD will have traces of THC in the buds, on the other hand, mad scientists in a lab can synthetically engineer CBD extract with no THC at all. That is why the legal world is up in arms.

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