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cbd store nashville american shaman

Cbd store nashville american shaman

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Cbd store nashville american shaman

“It's hard to see the downside of CBD for pain and anxiety,” she said. “Common myths fall away under the scrutiny of research: CBD doesn't make you high, it has minimal side effects, and it won't appear on a drug test.”

“This is store your grandmother is comfortable coming into,” Haley said.

Visitors to the new CBD American Shaman are greeted with a sample they can taste, rub on their skin, or take home to their pet, Haley said. The store features a military discount for current service members and veterans.

CBD in Chattanooga

“CBD American Shaman controls the entire manufacturing process,” Haley said. “I can show customers lab reports on any CBD product we have in the store.”

Haley said the American Shaman product is made pesticide free and tested for quality. Their store tries to appeal to a variety of consumers. But unlike some of its competitors, American Shaman doesn't offer the water bongs, rolling papers or pipes of a head shop that might appeal to those using marijuana.

As a former football player and an Army paratrooper, Heath Haley suffered a number of shoulder and knee injuries that normally would have meant opioid prescriptions for the 47-year-old veteran.

Heath Haley and Melanie McIntyre opened CBD American Shaman store on Main Street in Chattanooga.

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