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cbd spain

Cbd spain

CBD packages should always come with a quality control test certificate conducted by a third-party lab. This document proves that the CBD is safe for use.

Online stores sometimes don’t ship to your country, meaning you’ll have to use a mail forwarding service to shop online. We’ll explain how mail forwarding works once we round up the tips on buying CBD.

Always make sure you’re well informed on the product’s content and benefits. Spanish authorities don’t allow CBD foods and supplements, meaning you shouldn’t buy a product that contains such labeling.

This ban removed all CBD foods and dietary supplements from the shelves, leaving CBD cosmetics and topicals as the only legal CBD products in Spain. CBD made in Spain can be marketed only as a “technical product” or “product for external use.”

3. Only buy CBD that comes with a Certificate of Analysis.

In January 2018, the European Commission announced the Novel Food Regulation. Member states of the European Union aren’t obliged to implement this regulation in their national law but can do so at their discretion.

Found a product you’re interested in, but the company doesn’t ship to your country?

In 1150, Spain was still under the influence of Muslim forces, who introduced hemp in Spain to make paper. The first hemp mill was founded in Alicante, contributing to the use of hemp for textiles, clothing, and cordage in Spain during the 12th century.

2. Buying CBD In-Store in Spain

Just because a retailer operates online doesn’t mean they don’t understand international CBD regulations. It’s their brand and reputation on the line, after all — many business owners can’t afford to run the risk of legal troubles or wasted products.

Evidence from the same period shows that hemp cultivation increased throughout the Iberian peninsula, where hemp was used for textiles, clothes, and rope and sails for the Spanish ships.

Cbd spain

Although Spain is a major cultivator of Hemp and Hemp products, the country is more focused on sending its product to foreign markets, maintaining Cannabis legality in a grey zone, or outright illegal altogether.

Is it legal to buy CBD in Spain online Yes

However the use of cannabis for commercial purposes is currently illegal in Spain and seen as a criminal offence.

Is it legal to buy CBD in Spain offline Yes

Spain is known to be one of the most liberal countries in the European Union when it comes to hemp production, however the laws favour the general EU laws and regulations which means CBD products can only be commercialized as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC and are meant for topical use only/