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cbd solvent free tincture

Concentration of Pure CBD Rosin per Milliliter: 34mg/ml

Depending on your pet’s digestion, effects can be seen anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on the size and dose given to your pet.


Relief+ Solventless Hemp Tincture contains cannabinoids and terpenes not found in products that are made with broad spectrum distillates or isolates!

Absolutely! Relief + and our Omega-3 infused formula, Vitality VM, are designed for use with both felines and canines of all breeds, sizes, and ages.

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It is not recommended to pair both supplements. For optimal use it is suggested to give it to your pet at different feeding times but not together. To give your pet both would simply be wasteful.

Cbd solvent free tincture

Great for Anytime Use: Their variety of CBD oils is great for any time. You can use them during the day to relax or give yourself a mental boost or right before bed for a blissful rest.


The prices of CBD oils vary, and the more expensive ones are usually made with higher-quality ingredients. This doesn’t mean cheaper ones are of poor quality. In some cases, they are, but not always.

How We Made This List

These brands impressed us with their quality and commitment to their customers. We’re confident that the CBD oils that they offer are top-notch and will not disappoint. In addition, we’ve made sure that each of the companies we reviewed had favorable return policies and responsive customer support teams.