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cbd soaks

Cbd soaks

The Vital You Breathe CBD Bath Bomb contains 100 milligrams of CBD and a blend of eucalyptus essential oil to open and invigorate the senses. It also features a tumbled amazonite gemstone, which is believed by some for bringing harmony and balance and encourage one to speak their truth.

Designed to make every night a spa night, the SoulSpring Soothing CBD Bath Soak combines a trio of restorative minerals with 125 milligrams of CBD to soothe and relax your mind, body and soul. Key ingredients include Hawaiian bamboo sea salts, Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts and eucalyptus essential oil.

2. cbdMD Bath Bomb

Below, find the best CBD bath salts and soaks that will help you achieve ultimate relaxation and relief.

10. SoulSpring Soothing CBD Bath Soak

Combining CBD, Epsom salt and Meadowfoam, the Prima Bath Gem creates a luxurious spa-quality experience that calms and restores your body from head to toe. Using 25 milligrams of CBD and a specialized blend of moisturizing safflower seed oils and purifying magnesium, your skin is left feeling soft and nourished.

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We use a gentle, slooow extraction process to make sure we get all the benefits of cannabis, without harming the integrity of the plant.

CO2 Extracted CBD

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Epsom Salt

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