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cbd sleepy time tea

Cbd sleepy time tea

Not to mention, zzzzzzzzzzzz.

This is a loose-leaf tea, so you’ll need a strainer or a pot. There is a serving guide on the bag.

The Little Collins Team.

Organic Hemp Tea

For this Sleepy Hemp blend we recommend a large strong cup in the evening. The natural ingredients used to create this tea have been known to aid with stress & anxiety, digestion, skin conditions.

The tea has as a subtle, natural taste.

Hemp, Chamomile & Valerian CBD Tea

Welcome to Hemp Country! Pull up chair, relax a while.

A 50g bag of our house-blend, organic, caffeine-free Hemp CBD Tea, delivered to your door.

Day Four

Day Two

Tonight I made sure to steep my tea for a full half-hour, which is supposed to ensure all the CBD makes it into the teapot. It definitely made a noteworthy difference. About an hour after drinking my pot of tea I noticed a sense of peaceful clarity and drowsiness which made it so much easier to fall asleep. I slept through the night and woke up very well rested the next morning.

Here’s what happened when I swapped out my evening nightcap with a pot of CBD tea—and why I probably won’t be drinking it on a regular basis.

By the fourth day I had definitely noticed a change in my overall quality of sleep but I wasn’t anticipating a little added weight loss. I hadn’t done anything different this week and still lost a total of four pounds—after a bit of research I realized that a lot of the herbs used in tea have debloating effects while helping reduce water retention, which, as a coffee drinker, I didn’t expect at all. This definitely made me interested in trying out different types of teas to include in my night time routine moving forward.

I usually try to foster a good night’s sleep by reading before bed or listening to a meditation app, but when I found out a simple cup of CBD tea could check off all my sleep hygiene-related boxes, I figured it was worth a shot!

By the last day, I had lost a total of five pounds—which I know is all water weight, but I still found that to be pretty surprising. I also noticed I had less indigestion in the evenings, was sleeping way better, and also fell asleep much faster.

Day One

Day Three