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cbd sleep reddit

Cbd sleep reddit

Oh the name of that one made me think it would be more uplifting for some reason. Do you know of one that doesn't cause drowsiness? Thanks if you have advice.

People always dream but a portion of the people just don't remember them.

DATA INSIGHT – I started taking CBD oil not for any other reason really than curiosity. I have always tracked my sleep and what I found was that when I started taking CBD oil regularly (as in every day) I slept for 14% more. What's more, my sleep was better quality.

Does CBD do anything similar?

Yes I took pure cbd for the first time today and I’m tired as hell. It’s great for sleeping.

I used it first time last night. It was the first natural sleep I’ve had in decades. I’m trying it during the day I hope it doesn’t make me drowsy but I don’t think it will.

It's kind of strange. For me, CBD wakes me up when I'm tired but then when I go to bed I sleep great. So it's stimulating but also relaxing at the same time. This is from using CBD flower and tincture.

I sleep great on full spectrum CBD oil. I dream again now, I never realized I wasn't dreaming too much before.

We know marijuana causes poor sleep – its more akin to sedation than real sleep as it stops you from reaching REM sleep.

Cbd sleep reddit

I felt that I havent slept in years, guys. I DONT have kids, im healthy/ no alcohol consumption at all, eat healthy in shape and 28yrs old.

I started taking 10mg of CBD oil an hour or so before sleep and it has changed my life.

I used to move/twitch restless feet during the night that my husband couldn't take it anymore, I would shuffle before going to sleep anxious knowing that I wouldn't get any all night, and dream so much to the point of feeling drained and tired all day no matter how much sleep I got.

Hello! Just wanted to shout out the new love of my life, life changer. CBD oil.

Greenroads is the brand that Im currently taking. Pretty legit, and no traceable THC. I have tried prasozin in the past, and refused to take antidepressants. Im glad I didnt.