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As Robberman explains the distinction and function of the new ingredient, “the addition of a trisiloxane group to the CBD molecule at a hydroxyl site changes the solubility parameters and allows the incorporation of trisiloxane-functionalized cannbidol isolate Vertasil TM-CBD into silicone gel matrices or other silicone-based formulations.”

Gelest initiated the research that led to their patent-pending Vertasil TM-CBD ingredient because CBD is such a popular and fairly novel ingredient in (and beyond) skin care.

At this past December’s SCC Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase in New York City, the company presented a poster on the use of a CBD derivative in silicone gel elastomers. Tanya Roberman, a technical services and cosmetics formulations expert at Gelest, spoke with Cosmetics Design at the show about her team’s breakthrough.

Gelest creates a new CBD isolate to be compatible with silicone substrates

Gelest is an ingredient supplier, serving the medical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, among others; and the company specializes in silanes, silicones, and metal-organics.

The ingredient maker created an isolate called Vertasil TM-CBD to allow for cannadibol to be delivered as a skin care ingredient via a silicone substrate.

Why do formulators need modified CBD isolates?

“There is intense interest in CBD in skin care and topical preparations,” ​explains the Gelest poster. “The relatively high coast of CDB isolate creates a need for efficient dermal delivery.” ​But since “the solubility of CBD is limited to oils and glycols, silicones with their intrinsic emollience and ability to spread to thin films, unfortunately are not compatible with CBD.”

“ Vertasil ® TM-CBD1 – the trisiloxane functionalized cannabidiol isolate – can be easily incorporated into silicone gel matrices such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and other primarily silicone-based formulations,” Long added. “In fact, Vertasil® TM-CBD1 is the only ingredient that enables the delivery of Canabidiol from PDMS gels.” As an added benefit, it offers the potential for controlled release of CBD.

The newest product in Gelest’s Vertasil ® line of siloxane “tipped” natural products, Vertasil ® TM-CBD1 provides the lubricity and softness of a silicone oil without the greasiness of natural oils. Uniquely compatible with silicones in addition to natural oils, hydrocarbons, esters, glycols and silicone derivatives, Vertasil ® TM-CBD1 is targeted for use in silicone serums and oils; silicone, scar treatment and stretchmark patches; and face and eye treatment masks. The ability of this hybrid fluid to generate effect at low concentrations offers economic advantages compared to pure CBD.

“We specifically designed this patented molecule to extend solubility parameters and improve the compatibility of CBD with a wider range of materials without compromising CBD activity or benefits,” said Daria Long, Gelest Vice President and General Manager, Personal Care. “The emollience of this modified CBD combined with the ability to form thin films enables distribution over skin and hair, providing effective treatments at extremely low concentrations.”

MORRISVILLE, Pa., Feb. 24, 2021 – Gelest, Inc. introduces Vertasil ® TM-CBD1 , a novel CBD hybrid fluid that that will increase formulation opportunities for personal care.

For more information or to obtain a Vertasil ® TM-CBD1 sample, contact Daria Long or Brett Ferguson at 215-547-1015.