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cbd shish

Extracted from CBD strains of cannabis sativa and using supercritical CO2 extraction Endoca’s
CBD shish is 100% plant based. Only containing organic plant matter and CBD it is GMO and
gluten free and suitable for vegans. It may be consumed in a variety of ways including
smoked as a traditional kief or vaporised at 180° Celsius for a CBD rich vapour.

Recommended use:
May be used in food, held under the tongue, vaped or smoked as a traditional shisha kief

Unlike traditional hookah shisha, CBD Shisha is FREE from tobacco and nicotine and can be made from a variety of components. CBD Shisha typically uses a base of sugar cane, hemp, tea, or fruit leaves, which is mixed with honey, cannabidiol (CBD), glycerin, molasses, and natural flavoring. Glycerin is often combined to help emulate a hookah-smoking experience and also gives you nice big, flavorful, smoke clouds that every hookah smoker enjoys. CBD Shisha offers you the same robust flavor and epic clouds that you would get from traditional shisha, but you won’t get that nicotine buzz. The CBD-infused shisha is designed to provide you with a relaxed and calm sensation.

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