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cbd seltzer water

CBD Living Apple Ginger Sparkling Water features a sweet, smooth apple taste with a subtle “zing” of ginger.

CBD Living Peach Honey Sparkling Water embodies the essence of spring, with the subtle sweetness of honey perfectly complimenting natural peach flavor.


CBD Living Orange Grapefruit Sparkling Water is the ideal mix of sweet and sour you crave.

Hydrate and refresh with new CBD Living Sparkling Water. CBD Living Sparkling Water combines 100% organic hemp extracts with vitamins and minerals for added health and immunity.


CBD Living Black Cherry Sparkling Water is the sweet, juicy treat your taste buds love.

Cbd seltzer water

As evidenced by Untitled Art’s line of sparkling CBD water, both Funk and Showaki are interested in alternative beverages. And between them, they certainly have the chops to back up a brewing venture. But again, I’ll admit to steering clear of sparkling water alternatives.

In order to understand CBD sparkling water, you have to understand CBD.

What Is CBD Sparkling Water?

Broadly speaking, most CBD sparkling waters are infused with full- or broad-spectrum hemp oil, which contains CBD. Most states have legalized CBD in one form or another though federally things get a little hazy. And, there are strict regulations on combining CBD (or THC for that matter) and alcohol. Which is why CBD beer has been deemed illegal.

Untitled Art is a joint venture between Levi Funk, founder and blender of Funk Factory Geuzeria in Madison, Wisconsin, and Isaac Showaki, founder of Octopi Brewing. The project gained fame as the first brewery in Wisconsin to make a New England IPA. Although the recipes are driven by Funk and Showaki, they’re brewed at Showaki’s massive contract facility in Waunakee, about twenty minutes north of Madison.