CBD Rich Hemp Oil For Dogs

Every dog owner knows that they become part of the family, which means that they should be given the best quality ingredients, including quality CBD for dogs. Let your fur buddy live their best life with the Pet Hemp CBD Oil from Petly, specially formulated for pups weighing more than 50 pounds. Holistic Hound's USDA Organic CBD for dogs products are 3rd party tested & come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. These oils help to manage normal stress for dogs.

CBD For Dogs

Every pet owner knows that they become part of the family, which means that they should be given the highest quality ingredients, including CBD for dogs! Our dog tinctures are made with our premium, full spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract that is blended with a tasty bacon or peanut butter flavoring that your pet will find delectable!

Disobedient, Nervous, Hyper, Old or Slow? All Love It!

CBD oil for dogs

Bacon Flavor

*Overall Daily Wellness For Dogs


$ 29.99 — or subscribe and save up to 30%

300mg CBD p/Bottle

Dog Hemp Oil

Peanut Butter Flavor

*Overall Daily Wellness For Dogs


$ 29.99 — or subscribe and save up to 30%

300mg CBD p/Bottle

This has significantly helped our 12 year old puppy. He’s moving better, seems more comfortable and seems happy about this! I was skeptical but desprate for some relief for him. This worked! – Anita Garcia (Verified Buyer)

CBD for your dog

Everyone wants the best for their precious pets because they are so important in our life. As the prevalence of CBD products for humans continues to grow, it has raised many questions for pet parents about whether they should consider giving these products to their pets as well.

The number one question for most pet parents is whether full spectrum hemp products are safe for their animals. Fortunately, there have been numerous studies regarding the safety of its use in dogs, and the research has shown that CBD and full spectrum hemp extracts are not harmful to dogs!

All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, which means they all have cannabinoid (CB) receptors that are designed to interact with the compounds within full spectrum hemp extract, and this includes dogs.

A recent study was conducted by researchers at Colorado State University where the focus was to determine whether CBD oil for dogs had any efficacy with regard to seizure prevention in dogs.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing cbd for dogs is to ensure the carrier oil that is used to preserve the product isn’t harmful to animals, which is why it is better to use products that are specifically designed with pets in mind.

It is also useful to determine whether the product contains an isolated CBD isolate additive as opposed to full spectrum hemp extract. Many products may opt to use a cheaper isolate to save money on production costs, but full spectrum hemp extract contains the full range of additional phytocannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the hemp plant.

Our ECOPETS™ Dog tinctures come in delicious bacon and peanut flavors that all pups love, and we dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality pet tincture that we were able to make available at much more reasonable pricing than other CBD pet products on the market.

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CBD for dogs come in many different forms these days, such as edibles, capsules, topical creams, balms and food grade oils. Much like human products each of these forms have a different shelf life. What we have found is that oils keep their potency and effectiveness longer than any other option and also can be used in a variety of ways.

Using CBD oil for dogs especially in a flavor they already love makes things pretty easy to serve. Either orally via dropper or drizzle on wet or dry food is what our customers have found to be the easiest method. Check out what our customers have said about ECOPETS for Dogs.

Read more information about this here in our article about Hemp for Pets.

CBD Rich Hemp Oil For Dogs

Our large dog CBD oil drops have been scientifically crafted for dogs 50 pounds or more. Formulated with 600mg of our high quality broad-spectrum CBD oil these drops will improve your dogs health in more ways than one. Each bottle contains 600. . . Show More

Our large dog CBD oil drops have been scientifically crafted for dogs 50 pounds or more. Formulated with 600mg of our high quality broad-spectrum CBD oil these drops will improve your dogs health in more ways than one. Each bottle contains 600mg of CBD and 20mg per serving. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support canine health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil. Show Less

We’re so confident that your pet will love our products, that we are going to take on 100% of the risk and protect your purchase by giving you a full 60 day guarantee.




Clinically Researched Ingredients

A Favorite Of Veterinarians

Let your fur buddy live their best life with the Pet Hemp CBD Oil from Petly. Containing 600 mg hemp CBD per bottle, this has been specially formulated for pups weighing more than 50 pounds.

We use only two natural compounds in our CBD Oil – MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract. Both of these ingredients facilitate canine health in more ways than one. Our proprietary formula features a blend of naturally occurring compounds and terpenes found in broad-spectrum hemp oil.

What Makes The PETLY Hemp CBD Oil for Large Dogs Special?

✓ Organic Hemp: The bottle contains 600 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. The hemp used in our product is grown in Colorado, USA. The entire farming process is organic, with no use of pesticides.

✓ THC-Free: The presence of a psychoactive component called THC creates the ‘high’ sensation. To avoid it, we use state-of-the-art technology to remove even the smallest bit of THC from the hemp.

✓ Safe: Our CBD Oil is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, with no artificial preservatives or additives. It goes through third-party lab testing to ensure the best quality and is also approved by vets.

CBD & CBG Oils for Dogs

Mighty Mojo Blend: 250 mg CBD from Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp with Mushroom Extract

250 mg CBD from Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 1000 mg CBD

300 mg CBG from Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

As pet owners, we want our fur babies to feel their best. But when it comes to new products, finding the right dosage can be a bit of a guessing game. Because the CBD industry is still relatively new, official guidance involving the dosage of CBD oil for dogs is still undetermined. However, there are some general veterinarian-approved guidelines regarding CBD dosage for dogs.

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Follow dosing instructions

Reputable companies provide recommended dosing instructions on the labels of their products. This is important because different companies specifically formulate their products, and the recommended dosage can vary from one product to another. Generally, the amount of organic CBD oil is calculated by mg per kg of body weight. So a dog that weighs less than 20 pounds will receive a smaller milligram amount of CBD than a dog that weighs 50 pounds or more. At Holistic Hound, our USDA organic CBD oils include an easy to measure dropper, allowing pet owners to administer the correct amount of CBD for their pup.

Dose gradually

According to the founder of Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting, Casara Andre, D.V.M. recommends caution when giving CBD to dogs. That said, it’s important to start CBD oil slowly, at a low dosage, and then gradually increase it until you reach the desired effect. Additionally, Andre advises that CBD oils are easier to dose and offer much more bioavailability than edible bites. However, edible CBD dog bites can be highly effective and convenient once you learn how well your pet tolerates CBD.

How often should I give my dog CBD oil?

Deciding how often CBD oil should be given to your dog is determined by how organic CBD oil affects them. Dogs who’ve never consumed CBD oil will definitely need to start out on the conservative scale of CBD dosing. For the most part, CBD oil is recommended to be administered twice daily based on the dog’s weight. However, dogs who are facing bigger discomforts or are in need of extra CBD may need to take more than the recommended dose or take it more often. (We always suggest talking with your vet before doing so, though!)

Typically, administering CBD oil every 8 hours is suggested for dogs dealing with more long-term conditions. Nevertheless, the most effective way to achieve how often you should use CBD oil for dogs is by increasing and decreasing the dose to see how well your dog reacts to it. Keep in mind that while it takes patience to determine how often you should give CBD oil to dogs, the safety profile of CBD is very promising.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a veterinarian at Colorado State University, pet owners reported no adverse side effects or behavioral effects regarding CBD for dogs. However, to be completely safe and accurate, the American Kennel Club has reported just a few rare side effects of CBD in dogs.

Rare side effects of CBD oil may include:
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lowered blood pressure

Thankfully, hemp-derived CBD is not toxic and it produces less side effects than other options. While it’s true that CBD oil is well tolerated among its users, consulting with your veterinarian is a must to ensure your pet has no adverse reactions. Here at Holistic Hound, our non-intoxicating full spectrum USDA organic CBD oil is veterinarian formulated, and can be administered once or twice daily, or as needed.

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What are the benefits of CBD oil for stressed dogs?

Stress is one of the most common behavioral issues in dogs and, if left untreated, it could turn into something more serious that may require medical attention.

Stress in dogs is often triggered by life-changing events:
  • Moving into a new place
  • Traveling by plane or car
  • Being introduced to new family members
  • A change in their normal routine

From time to time, dogs will experience a form of stress. However, each dog is affected differently from this issue. Here is a great study on CBD as it relates to stress in animal study participants. While this study was conducted on animals, the calming effects of CBD is also found in humans.

In addition to life-changing events, physical discomfort and joint issues (especially in aging dogs) can also contribute to stressed behaviors.

Additional studies

Although it may seem that CBD is a cure-all, it’s important to know that the scientific research surrounding CBD for dogs is scarce. However, there are a few studies that suggest CBD may hold great benefits for dogs.

Here are links to two studies that demonstrate some of CBD’s potential benefits. While these studies help validate CBD’s properties, more evidence is definitely needed. However, both of these studies do showcase that CBD supports a healthy inflammatory response and it helps maintain joint mobility. At Holistic Hound, our customers rave over the effects they’ve seen with their pets. Check out what our customers are saying in our customer reviews!

Is there a difference between hemp oil for dogs and CBD oil for dogs?

CBD companies are using the terms “CBD oil” and “hemp oil” interchangeably. Because there’s a lack of FDA regulation in the CBD industry, some CBD companies replace the term “CBD oil” with “hemp oil” to avoid complications with the FDA. Unfortunately, this causes a ton of confusion among consumers. Although hemp-derived CBD (which contains less than 0.3% THC) falls under FDA jurisdiction, CBD derived from marijuana (which contains much more than 0.3% THC) is still considered a Schedule I substance.

Technically speaking, CBD oil and hemp oil are actually one in the same. While google search results differentiate the two as being derived from different parts of the hemp plant, scientific research suggests that both contain phyto-components and cannabinoids. On the other hand, hemp seed oil is in fact different from CBD oil, as it’s only derived from hemp seeds, not the entire plant.

To make things even more complicated, hemp seed oil can also be referred to as hemp oil. Confused yet? Don’t be. When you come across a CBD company that refers to their products as CBD oil for dogs or -hemp extract for dogs, they’re typically referring to cannabinoid-rich hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs.

Reputable CBD oil for dogs

The real concern is related to how CBD companies grow, extract, and formulate their CBD products. Reputable CBD companies will provide information on their growing practices, extraction processes, and formulation methods. Additionally, reputable companies will also always have their third party test results and Certificate of Analysis (COA) available for customers to view. This ensures that whatever is on the label of the finished product is accurate, consistent, safe, and of the highest quality.