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cbd pur us

Cbd pur us

“Humic Acid makes a great fertilizer but is an undesirable contaminant in a commercial product because it encourages growth and chemical changes in a what should be a stable product,” the spokesperson said, adding that shelf life, being extremely important in all edibles, vape and especially beverage products is a concern because given enough time, without H.A. removal, CBD products can become toxic long range.

Unlike other isolates on the market, CBD PUR US adds a 4th extraction the company developed (US Patent July 20, 2016) thus eliminating H.A. achieving the complete removal of cuticle plant wax but more importantly, H.A. (humic acid). It is a known fact H.A. is indigenous to all hemp extractions, the spokesperson said. While it is important for plant growth, it certainly should not be in any CBD isolate (Journal of Environmental Toxicology 2014).

“It is important to understand that purity is important during the spray-dry process,” the spokesperson noted.

While 250 mg of CBD and 500mg of CBD per gram was considered, the spokesperson said that this requires using solvents in the spray dry process, and consequently toxicity issues arise. Therefore a higher quality standard is achieved by the use of a ten-to-one ratio powder formula.

CBD PUR US guarantees 100% freedom from H.A., thus avoiding any of these concerns.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2017 / CBD PUR US – Hilton Head, SC is pleased to announce the new improved version of their SDP water soluble CBD. The new product is called SDP46. The science team has been working on formulating improved bio-enhancers to use in the spray-dry process, increasing consumer efficacy.

As a company spokesperson noted, SDP46 now provides faster penetration through the blood-brain barrier and directly through the stomach lining into the blood stream, avoiding the loss which occurs when passing through the P-450 enzyme system – in other words the body’s normal metabolism in the intestines.

Cbd pur us

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