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cbd pregnancy studies

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What is CBD?

Many people like CBD because of its minimal side effects. However, some people experience tiredness or diarrhea when using CBD. These side effects could negatively affect your pregnancy. No one wants to be even more tired than pregnancy already makes a person, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration—a dangerous state when pregnant.

Pregnancy Safe Alternatives

If you regularly use CBD, or you just happened to try it out before you got that positive pregnancy test, don’t panic. According to Marco Mouanness, MD, an OB/GYN and fertility expert at the Rejuvenating Fertility Center in New York City, you are probably fine. Along with discontinuing your CBD use, he advises reaching out to your OB/GYN so they can monitor you as necessary.

Purpose of review: Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant that is composed of over sixty phytocannabinoids, of which cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently identified as having therapeutic potential.

Recent findings: Although not clearly understood in its mechanism of action, CBD contains potent anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperalgesia, and analgesic qualities now being further analyzed for its use in the treatment of a plethora of diseases. Related to its large safety profile and lack of psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is being used more frequently for self-treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. With the help of broad marketing, CBD is being used by numerous people, including pregnant women who use CBD as an anti-emetic. Since marijuana is legalized in many states in the USA, the use of CBD has increased not only in the general population but also in specific groups such as pregnant women with chronic pain. Despite CBD’s accessibility, there are limited studies showing its safety during pregnancy. While the use of cannabis has been well explored in terms of the effects on pregnancy, the use of CBD during pregnancy thus far has limited literature. The goal of this investigation is to impart the current understanding of CBD and its effects of pregnancy.

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Keywords: Analgesic; Anti-hyperalgesia; Anti-inflammatory; CBD receptor; Cannabis; Marijuana; Phytocannabinoids; Pregnancy; THC.

In this area, like so many others, decisions by policymakers as well as medical and social service providers are often still based on “medical misinformation and prejudice stoked by 40 years of drug-war propaganda,” Paltrow said, as well as anti-abortion ideology “that promotes the myth that the fetus is somehow separate from the parent’s health, that the only source of risk to fetuses is the pregnant person, and that they are the only person who has an impact during pregnancy.”

Across the US, children and their parents routinely face separation and other forms of punishment due to legal and medical policies around prenatal cannabis exposure, and the notion that cannabis use during pregnancy may harm children’s development.

“There’s a tendency to treat pregnant women as if they are themselves children,” she said, and as it turns out, the results of spreading supposedly well-intentioned falsehoods can be plenty harmful.

“Just because two groups are different doesn’t mean one group needs help,” she said. She also emphasized that, despite the fact that some groups with prenatal cannabis exposure actually scored higher on some metrics, the vast majority of research in this area and similar ones has been actively seeking negative outcomes, and may thus be interpreting any small differences between groups as evidence of impairment.

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“All they can tell us is that there’s an association between [performance differences] and marijuana,” Dr. Torres continued. And the vast majority of such studies suggest that meaningful differences in performance just aren’t there.

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Rather, “The best theory to explain Black maternal mortality rates — which includes all Black women — is that the stress of being Black in the United States of America, from weathering racism all those years, creates health issues during and after pregnancy,” Paltrow said.

To examine the statistical implications of all extant data on prenatal cannabis exposure so far, researchers Dr. Ciara A. Torres, Dr. Carl L. Hart, Christopher Medina-Kirchner, and Kate Y. O’Malley reviewed hundreds of studies pertaining to cannabis use and children, eventually focusing in on several dozen that addressed prenatal cannabis exposure and child cognition specifically.

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Stock – a toddler in sunglasses and a plastic inner tube splashes in the pool with her mother.

Published this month in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the systematic review revealed that a vast majority of studies on this topic found no significant statistical differences between kids who were reportedly exposed to cannabis during pregnancy, and those who were not. Less than 5% of comparable studies in this area showed any statistical difference between children’s scores on cognitive tests; importantly, these included both slight dips and improvements in scores, and all but 0.3% of study results still fell in the normal range.