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cbd pouches uk

Cbd pouches uk

Chill and Relax CBD pouches by V&YOU are created by science-backed CBD experts, setting the standard for consistency, quality and purity. Our THC-free CBD is perfect for everyday use.

  • 20 x CBD Pouches.
  • Naturally Flavoured.
  • Available in 20mg.

Cbd pouches uk

So why the in-mouth pouches? The cannabinoids in cannabis are fat soluble, which means the compounds need to be either combusted or incorporated into an ingestible form for the user to take in the CBD. With combustion generally leading to harmful effects and ingestion a longer process through the digestive and liver systems, the Cannadips founders recognized that a pouch form like snus provides a mucosal delivery that can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, avoiding any need for combustion or ingestion. It is crucial to note that while Cannadips CBD pouches may look like snus pouches, they use only all-natural ingredients and are 100% free from THC, tobacco and nicotine.

Cannadips CBD infused pouches are available in three flavours – Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus and American Spice, each with a meticulous flavour profile. When taken, the CBD components may be fully delivered as quickly as under 30-45 minutes, but user can enjoy the flavours for up to 2 hours depending on usage. Every Cannadips CBD pouch consists of 10mg of CBD and each tin consists of 15 pouches. As with any CBD or all-natural products, Cannadips CBD pouches need to be used over time to realize the full effects. While it may differ according to individual use and metabolism, the recommended daily dosage is 3-5 pouches a day and a consistent intake over 3 weeks minimum.

To take the CBD infused pouches from concept to reality, the Cannadips team worked closely with industry experts and chemists to make the cannabinoids water dispersible, which also increased its bioavailability and efficacy. The final product comes in small fibre pouches similar to that of snus and utilizes only all-natural ingredients and high-quality hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD extracts. Examples of other ingredients include coconut fibres, essential oils, and dry tinctures. To use the pouch, it is recommended to be wedged in between the upper lip and gums, under the tongue or at the back of the mouth where the buccal artery is and allowed to be released naturally.