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cbd plus lotus gold

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Cbd plus lotus gold

They didnt strategically post up next to any single little grass roots dispensary. They are a franchise in multiple states who does market research on best placement of locations. They had over 30 stores already set up BEFORE MARIJUANA WAS LEGAL HERE! So real question would more so be why did all these mom and pop grass roots stores put themselves next to franchises?

It's like eating at a Chilies. They are the same all around the country, you eat there to get the same boring average stuff. You gotta go to a great local place to get the good food.

Don't support McWeed if you like cannabis.

Why are they the worst rip off in the business? That is just a statement that you gave no facts to back it up.

You can't buy in bulk and it's shelf stabilized so no telling how old it is.
They're the worst rip off in the business. They're sustained by vapor world and boomer first timers who are getting tricked by the radio ads that are using NLP (look it up- "CEE BEE DEE Plus!") to make you remember the name.

They stock the "Lotus Gold" brand of flower but they all come in plastic packaging that obscures any view of the product. I have read good reviews, but a lot of them sound pretty fakey and/or vague. Anyone with real experience buying and using these Lotus Gold flower products? Are they as quality as purported?

I don't like the stab at my psyche every day on the radio I don't like the fact they cost literally double everyone else and I don't like how they strategically post up next to every single little grass roots despensary starting out.

There are batch dates on the packaging. When was the last time you bought one or stepped into a store?

How is $40 per 8th plus tax litereally double everyone else?