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cbd pet treats legal

CBD advocates tout a myriad of benefits for humans — but can it help our four-legged friends too? The answer is complicated.

What is CBD?

“We measured the pharmacokinetics, which basically means you give the dogs a single dose of all three delivery methods and then you measure a bunch of different blood levels over a 12-hour period,” says McGrath. “So how quickly is the CBD absorbed, how high the blood concentration gets at that single dose, and then how fast the CBD is eliminated.”

How does CBD work in animals?

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Since 2015, the FDA has sent 23 companies over 45 warning letters for selling products that did “not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain” or were not FDA-approved for the “diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease.”

But science, government regulation and some state laws haven’t caught up to the CBD craze, so it’s unknown whether it is effective or even safe for pets.

Is CBD safe?

The agency is “ahead of schedule,” with regulations expected to be finalized and adopted in early October, spokesman Franco Ripple told TCPalm. Then the U.S. Department of Agriculture has 60 days to review and approve the program.

“There are no rules with regard to best practices, specific to the extraction process. There are no rules governing the products or the source materials. There is no independent testing of potency,” he said. “Essentially, buyer beware of market.”

Does CBD work?

Queen Bella started losing her vision in March, growing more anxious and less playful as her condition worsened, Ware said.

Cbd pet treats legal

In Canada, you DO need a prescription for CBD, however there are no approved CBD drugs for pets in Canada. Veterinarians aren’t allowed to prescribe, dispense or administer cannabis products to their patients. Instead, you can buy regulated “veterinary health products” directly.

Keep in mind—your veterinarian is mandated by the state veterinary medical board. The board can limit how much your vet is allowed to guide you with CBD products.

The answer to this question is complicated, and it depends largely on your location, your veterinarian’s comfort level with CBD products, and your veterinarian’s knowledge of state laws.

Research companies before you buy. Buy from a trustworthy company that is transparent about where their products are sourced and straightforward about their claims. Any company over-promising or making curative claims about hemp-based products should be avoided.

Do I Need a Prescription for Pet CBD Products?

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is outlining marketing, labeling and claims rules for companies that make hemp-derived products . But demand is outpacing regulatory changes .

Keep in mind that not all CBD supplements for pets are created equal. They may not be processed the same way or have the same testing and quality standards. Learn more about how to choose a safe and effective CBD supplement for your pet.

A list of Canada’s veterinary health products is listed on Health Canada’s website . These products are regulated by the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR). However, regulations and legal issues are changing quickly! Stay up to date at the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine ’s website.

Can My Veterinarian Recommend CBD for My Pet?

Because these products are so new, recent and rapid changes are still taking place regarding the legal status of hemp products for both humans and pets in the U.S.

In the U.S., you DO NOT need a prescription for pet products that contains CBD. That said, it’s critical you do your research to find a reputable source for those products.